New Voice Chat Rooms!

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    Hello Family,

    We have new, additional voice chat rooms! They are listed below:

    Open Mic
    Book / Author Chat
    Grown Folk
    Mod Lounge

    To access voice chat go to ...

    Open Mic - will be used as it always has, nothing new here.

    Classes - will be used as it always has, nothing new here.

    Book / Author Chat - it is my hope that this room will be where we hold our weekly book chats and in addition have featured authors join us to introduce and discuss their book, their book publishing experience, and read a small portion of their book to us! Hopefully they will also be willing to answer a few of our questions! Wouldn't that be wonderful??!! I'm so looking forward to this! Many years ago, we regularly featured authors and i'm in the process of setting this all up, contacting a few, and getting things started. If you happen to be an author and would like to introduce your book to us in voice chat, please contact me as soon as possible.

    Grown Folk - this will be a Premium Members Only Room. If you are not a Premium Member, you cannot enter this room. I'd like for this room not to have any rules, as such ... but let the Premium Members moderate themselves. I think we should try to give our Premium Members as much as possible, and this is only another step in that same direction. I'm open to your opinions, suggestions, etc., regarding this. Of course if this deteriorates to some depth that i can't imagine (not having any rules for grown folk), we will consider making changes. If you are a Premium Member, and have not been issued a username / password for voice chat login, please PM me with what you'd like your password to be. You can choose anything you'd like and once you login with it, you can change it. You will need this username / password to enter the Grown Folk room.

    Mod Lounge - this room is for Mods only. In the past, when we had a Moderator's Meeting, we had to take one of our two existing rooms. So now we have a dedicated place for Moderators to discuss the issues surrounding our community.

    All Chat Rules apply to every room except Grown Folk.

    We are growing Family !!! Thank you all for your love and support !!! :love:

    If you have any questions, i'm right here.