Black People : New U.S. Incursions Into Africa

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    New U.S. Incursions Into Africa

    "WASHINGTON [MENL] The U.S. military has sent its first force into Sudan since 1993. U.S. officials said a force from the new Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa arrived in Khartoum last week. The force represented a logistics support mission and included a C-130 transport aircraft. U.S. Army Col. Dennis Giddens, a defense liaison officer in Sudan, said this was the first appearance of U.S. troops in Sudan in a decade. The United States attacked Sudan in 1998 after it was accused of harboring Al Qaida insurgents who bombed the U.S. emb***ies in Kenya and Tanzania. U.S. officials said the arrival of the military task force in Sudan marked a significant improvement in relations between Khartoum and Washington. They said Sudan has contributed significantly to the U.S.-led war against Al Qaida, including intelligence exchange and the extradition of suspects." Middle East News Line Dated 05-24-03

    A while back I wrote a piece entitled AmeriKKKa Covets African Oil where I pointed out the Bush agenda to expropriate the world's oil and energy reserves would soon put the continent of Africa in the cross hairs of their imperialist military apparatus. While the major focus of the piece was West Africa I did mention Sudan, Somalia, Angola and the rest of the continent. It seems that Bush and Co have stepped up their time table. I predicted they would go after Iraq, to control that region, then revisit Venezuela (the US backed a failed military coup last year and is now using instigated labor strikes and intense cl*** division to attempt to destabilize the Chavas regime) and Columbia in South America then move on Africa. However a recent dispatch from the Middle East News Line which describes itself as a "defense news service by independent journalists with a real understanding of the region" reported US troops part of a combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa that has been operating in the region since 9-11 have landed in Sudan. The only specifics were that a C-130 transport aircraft was part of the deployment. No troop numbers were included. The gist of the article was that this was the first presence of US troops in Sudan in a decade, since AmeriKKKan missiles bombed a legitimate Sudanese pharmaceutical plant in an attempt to hit suspected Al Qaida installations thought to have been responsible for the bombings of US emb***ies in Kenya and Tanzania. The US never apologized to the Sudanese government nor the Sudanese people nor have they paid reparations for the bombing of the plant.

    It appears these new forces are being deployed to complement the troops already in Djibouti as part of the Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa whose mission is to monitor the waterways, airspace and land areas of Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Yemen. The CIA and US Marines are also using the impoverished yet strategically located nation of Djibouti as a training and staging ground for preparation for desert fighting, surveillance and attacks against "suspected terrorist targets". In my view 9-11 is being used by the Bush administration as a ruse to launch a global campaign of imperialist intimidation to set the stage for the subsequent expropriation of the world's energy resources. 9-11 provided the catalyst for Bush and Co to bomb Afghanistan to smithereens under the pretext of going after Osama bin-Laden who at one time had training camps in Afghanistan and who was allowed to remain in the country due to his relationship with the ruling Taleban. Oddly, even the party line sent out by the administration indicates none of the suicide highjackers on 9-11 were Afghani or Iraqi nationals yet Bush justified m***ive attacks on Afghanistan in October of 2001 and the recent invasion and occupation of Iraq by insinuating both the Taleban and Saddam Hussein were linked to 9-11; claims that even the CIA did not support. Neither Osam bin-Laden nor Saddam Hussein have been captured and the AmeriKKKan public is constantly bombarded with new warnings of domestic terrorism.

    Since 9-11 Al-Qaida has been presented as a global boogy-man hellbent on single mindedly and single handedly destroying AmeriKKKa. yet when asked how 9-11 happened Bush and Co quickly change the subject or stonewall any attempts to pin down how such colossal failures in both the civilian aviation, intelligence and defense systems could happen, or why Bush and Co disregarded warnings from France, Russia and Israeli intelligence that something big was going to happen in September? As a result of 9-11 came the finalization of the trans Afghanistan pipeline that was stalled during the Taleban regime but was approved last December by the Afghani puppet regime of Hamid Karzai and AmeriKKKan troops now occupy Iraq effectively controlling its oil and will directly make or influence policy decisions such as dropping the Euro and returning to the US dollar as its' exchange currency as well as increasing Iraq's oil supply to US markets. Looking at these developments one might ask, what will result from AmeriKKKa's increasing incursions into Africa? Time will tell.