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    So I recently heard about a term called "bagging"...It's when you take natural oils, such as Cocconut oil, and/or EVO, and/or any oils that you find suitable, and apply it to your scalp and hair. Then you put a plastic bag or a shower cap on your head and leave it on your hair from any where to an hour to overnight.

    So for me, I heard of some ladies using Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil.

    Here are the ingredients:
    How I use it:

    A little bit goes a long way, so I use enough for my hair, but I don't saturate it with oil. I usually apply it after I get out the shower and my hair is damp but not dripping wet. I then place a plastic bag (lol) on my head and wrap it with a scarf and go to slumber land...In the morning I rinse my hair off and then do my wash-n-go.

    It leaves my hair so soft and it smells GREAT! Almost like a light scent of baby oil.