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    My new book "Inspirations" (six short stories)has been released as of August 1, 2002 to the public. It is listed on my website and Here is an excerpt from the first short story, Prayer and A Cup of Cappuccino.

    Two days later, Jackie received a response from an assistant of Joyce Meyer. The woman thanked her for her inquiry and attached a list of local publishers, but not a word from Joyce herself. Of course Joyce was too busy to respond, Jackie thought, why would she think otherwise? However, it didn't stop her from being disapointed. Perhaps she would have better results with Jakes.
    She turned on her computer and wrote a letter to several magazine editors. Mark's coment had ignited a spark within her and she could feel the fire beginning. She would write a letter to all of them; somebody would give in sooner or later. Kendal walked in.
    "I see you haven't opened the mail yet."
    "Why, is there something important?"
    "There's a letter from Essence Magazine."
    She didn't look up. "Is it a bill?"
    "Doesn't look like it, want me to open it?"
    she swung around in her chair.
    "No. I'll do it." Grabbing the letter from him, she slowly opened it. "I sent them a letter to see if they were interested in Christian short stories." She frowned, "Another long shot."
    She unfolded the letter and began to read. When she finished, she made a small ball of it then quickly tossd it at the wastebasket missing it by an inch. Kendal walked over and picked it up.
    "Two points down in the game, Jackie takes the ball, tries for a three pointer and misses by an inch."
    He throws the ball into the air and jumps up to retrieve it.
    "Kendal grabs the rebound and goes in for the dunk. The game is tied at 93. The opposing team has the ball; they're heading down the court. Uh oh..."
    He takes the ball and pretends to dribble it.
    "Kendal steals the ball, he's running with it. There's six seconds left on the clock - he pumps, he fakes, he throws it up. It goes in! They win by two points."
    He cups his hands around his mouth, imitating the roar of the crowd.
    "And the crowd goes wild! They're on their feet in the stadium. what a game."
    Jackie looked at him and shook her head. "You watch too much basketball."
    "Don't give up, something will come through."
    "I love you, Kendal." She laughed.
    "How can you not?"
    He threw the ball in the trash, walked over and hugged her. Tears began to well up in her eyes. Forcing them back, she held him closer then released her grip.
    "Back to the drawing board," she said.
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    indeed dis was a very nice read loved it !