Black Short Stories : New Politicians Using Old Tricks

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    New politicians Using old tricks

    By Andre Austin
    The new boogey man is an Arab terrorist.Thank the FBI for their recent early Holloween present.But the CIA should of did this on September 10. The warning is almost 2 months old. So whats really going on? Read my article I wrote a couple of years back.

    Those who command state power have honed their craft over the ages. The smart ones learn the tricks of their trade by studying the "science of politics" whereby they can benefit from the accumulated knowledge of centuries. One of the tricks that rulers employ is that of creating the "Bogeyman". The masses need someone or something other than the state to vent their anger and frustration at when the people get restless. Those leaders who fail to employ the technique of creating the bogeyman for the masses often find themselves at the short end of a revolution and most often an election.

    It's important as an aside indirect issue to understand that those who command state & local power are not one and the same as those that wield it. The form of Democracy practiced in the United States is one in which elected officials wield power but the wealthy and corporate classes commands it.

    America became the rich and powerful country it is through a unique set of circumstances. In the beginning we existed only on the margins of a "new" continent (not "new" to the millions of native Americans who lived here before the arrival of Columbus). As America grew it had a vast wealth of "unexploited" natural resources to tap. There was the minor problem of the Native Americans who often stood in the way of the white man's "progress" by laying claim to those resources, but that was nothing a little genocide couldn't fix. Native Americans then served in the role of "bogeyman" for the Ninetieth century.

    By the latter part of the century, most native resistance had effectively been crushed. The rush to sweep across the continent and garner the spoils of conquest was accelerated by technological advances in transportation (the railway) and communication (the telegraph). It was then that business in America could begin in earnest. Though much of this country's wealth was initially created through the exploitation of slave labor, the unrestrained growth of capitalism in the post civil war era was fueled by an inexhaustible supply of "cheap foreign labor" by immigrants. Those who were once slaves in the literal sense became wage slaves when jobs were available to them at all, that is. The thirteenth Amendment abolished "involuntary servitude" (except for prisoners). Slavery still thrived, though peonage slaves were arrested on trumped up charges and jailed rather than purchased at auctions. The KKK organized right after Blacks were freed and was able to transform us into a "bogeyman". The KKK was very effective in making white people fear that Blacks would have too much power over them with the limited "reconstruction" programs going on. This combination of events of cheap labor power, peonage and vast natural resources then fueled America's incredible wealth.

    The beginning of this century found unrestrained capitalism in full flower in America but the working class was showing signs of malcontent. The ruling class found itself in the awkward position of being the focus of the anger and frustration of the "restless beast" of the working masses. They could no longer deflect attention away from themselves by redirecting it to "the Indian problem". An organized labor movement then began to form. This was truly a time of crisis for the ruling class in America. In response they created a new "bogeyman"-communism.

    Just as Native Americans had threatened their interest by laying claim to their land (and its vast riches of "unexploited" natural resources), now communism & civil rights groups presented a dire threat to business interest because of its claim that profits from the production of goods and services rightly belong to the workers who created those profits. The propaganda machine of the wealthy class--who by now had ownership of virtually all the major media--became the task of shaping this new bogeyman in the minds of the working class. It was a tough sell. On the face of it, it would seem an impossible task. How do you convince the working masses that a political system based on rich people economic interest was a threat to their freedom? But through decades of unrelenting propaganda against international organized labor movements, political repression of domestic labor, and xenophobic anti-immigration laws, this new bogeyman began to take shape in the minds of the masses.

    By the end of the 1940's,the transformation was complete. "International communism" was a force to be feared and reviled by all. The propaganda was so thoroughly ingrained in America culture that a schoolyard taunt of, "Your mama is a commie!" might actually result in a bloody lip and possibly a visit from the FBI. Now let it be known that the "bogeyman" wasn't confined to one group or one ideology. The "bogeyman" was also duped on the Black panthers, the NAACP, Martin L. King Jr.and a whole host of black actors, writers and entertainers during the 1960's - the 70's. J.Edgar Hoover’s FBI had a personal file on all of the aforementioned. The FBI had plans to neutralize all these and prevent the rise of a "Black messiah" that could unite the black working class people. The eyes of the political elite saw black people’s progress and unity as a threat to their power. Instead they should have viewed it as making America a better place to live for all of its citizens.

    Crime as a political issue was first exploited to a special sensational effect by Richard Nixon who used it as a "wedge issue" in the 1968 presidential election. John Erlichman wrote that in 1969,when the Nixon administration looked out from the White House and saw 300,000 anti war demonstrators, they felt like the revolution was imminent. The state responded by stepping up domestic counter insurgency operations. The political machine had just assassinated Martin L.King at the behest of corporate America in 1968 for speaking out against the Vietnam War and now it was time to attack and crush college student’s protestors and anybody else that opened their mouths or wrote with their pens. The government justified its attacks by using "crime"as its excuse, the Nixon administration stepped up repression--even while being investigated himself for "crimes of their own. Nixion's success at the polls helped to propel the crime issue to use as a political propaganda tool in every campaign since, using a thinly veiled form of racism.

    With the fall of the iron curtain and the Soviet collapse, the effectiveness of communism as a state bogeyman also began to decline. Now we see Red China being attacked. Which is silly because China has no interest in attacking America. But the masses believe it as gospel truth. I also see "crime" being stepped up to the forefront again. If the ruling class media and state and local bureaucracy were able to convince the restless masses that communism was a threat to working people, why not convince them that their interest are threatened by poor people? Again, on the face, it seems like a ludicrous proposition. How is it possible then to convince the restless masses that the new bogeyman on the block is "poor”? Crime! That's it! Put the fear of crime into them. Splash crime on the front page of every newspaper. Make it the lead in every news broadcast. And make sure that most of the images of "criminals" are minorities, and you propel the myth faster, by riding the undercurrent of racism that still runs strong in America. Portray poor people as filthy, drunken, violent brutes on television shows like Cops and LAPD, and the restless masses are more inclined to view poor people with fear and revulsion. Feed the masses an unrelenting diet of crime, crime, crime, and they'll soon see who the new bogeyman is.

    The propaganda machine of the American corporate class has become more sophisticated since it took on the task of creating the commie bogeyman ninety years ago. Corporate propaganda, which is a major phenomenon in the modern world and almost unstudied. It took nearly fifty years to put the fear of communism into every American heart. It has taken less than two decades to instill an irrational fear of "crime" into the American masses. And now poor people, women and children, immigrants and prisoners are the targets of anger and frustration. Prisoners and people of color make easy targets because they have very little economic or political power whatsoever.

    Our government has used the media to scare the masses into believing crime is out of hand; that the crime rate has soared. In fact, federal crime statistics prove that the crime rate in this country has actually decreased. The new "Get tough on Crime" attitude shared by virtually millions of Americans today was instilled by false reports from the media--co-creator of the bogeyman.

    A classic example of the bogeyman at work is when the NRA (National Rifle Association) began funding "anti-crime" initiatives through its Institute for Legislative Action. Many commentaries were making a connection between the availability of guns, especially handguns, and an increasing homicide and gun related violent crime rate as people were shot with increasingly more powerful handguns. To distract attention from the correlation between handgun availability and gun related crime and deaths, the NRA responded with "Guns don’t kill people, people kill people". It began an well-orchestrated propaganda campaign that the focus of legislators had to be, not on restricting gun access, but on targeting the "criminals" who misused guns. (Even our President Bill Clinton recently admitted that he was beat by the NRA).In many respect, this is a thinly veiled racist campaign that aims to keep guns out of non-white hands. In most respects this campaign has been an enormous success. The media is flooded with accounts of crime--bashing the poor, minorities, and prisoners. Gun control has never been a big issue in this country until the NRA used its unlimited resources (and the bogeyman) to target the poor, black and Latino class.

    While our government is sending up its smoke screens, we have to wonder what they’re hiding. Health care is worse than ever and taxes have increased at incredible rates, Welfare is worth more than a minimum wage job. People are working but they can't afford to live and eat off of what they earn. And the minority groups suffer the most, yet their vote has little impact.

    It is plain to see that America politics has emerged from the cold war era and has embarked upon a new war against the poor. Why is it that 1% of U.S population makes 90 % of the wealth? When will working class America wake up from the nightmare of inequality in wealth distribution and economic oppression and look under their beds to see there really is no "bogeyman", just a bunch of New Politicians Using old tricks.

    By Andre Austin
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    I totally agree, The politicians (The Government) has used propaganda and fear as a red herring to keep average folk
    polarized, therefore they don't seek cause, they don't seek effect...they don't seek the knowledge for themselves.
    All is seen is what they program through the media, through TV...and because people choose not to educate themselves
    with the real world...they become consume with misinformation,
    that in turn becomes the catalyst for confusion, racism, etc. That
    takes the focus off of the Government, so they can continue to
    cheat..steal...and involved themselves in political dirt, that in the long run, its the common folk (poor and economically disadvantaged) that ultimately pay the price. Its getting to the point now, that they don't even hide what they are saying, people are so conditioned to violence and using derogatory terms in the movies and TV as jokes. That the good ole codes the media uses to describe ethnic groups are now overlooked by the masses and outright acknowledge to their white peers . Thanks for your continues to be a great source of knowledge.