Black People : New Orleans chief says 60 officers fired

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    New Orleans chief says 60 officers fired
    Disciplinary hearings continue for police who deserted the city after Katrina

    NEW ORLEANS - The city’s new police chief said he’s focused on dealing with officers who deserted their posts after Hurricane Katrina and those who broke the law instead of enforcing it.

    Chief Warren Riley defends the majority of his 1,500 officers. But hundreds left the city without permission in the days after the hurricane.

    A few rogue cops caused trouble and stirred public uneasiness and mistrust, he acknowledged in an interview Thursday with The Associated Press.

    “It’s my opinion that only 40 or 50 people, and hopefully some of them are gone, that really makes this department have a bad reputation,” said Riley, who was appointed interim chief when Eddie Compass resigned a month after the storm.

    The desertions, allegations of theft and looting and the videotaped beating of a retired teacher by police in the French Quarter tarnished the department’s reputation. The officers accused of the beating will be tried next month. Allegations of looting and theft are being investigated.

    The FBI and federal drug enforcement agents will help train the department in behavior and leadership skills starting in January, Riley said.

    In the meantime, he has fired 60 officers and suspended more than 25 others who didn’t show up for duty after Katrina struck Aug. 29, leaving much of the city under water and in chaos. Fifty-one of the fired officers were let go before the hearings began, Riley said.

    Hearings under way
    The 228 officers now involved in disciplinary hearings left New Orleans without permission, the chief said.

    “They did return,” Riley said. “But they left without permission, and at a critical time like this, it’s totally unacceptable.”

    Officers missing for 14 days are being fired. Absences under 14 days result in a suspension, Riley said.

    Officials have completed 42 of the 228 disciplinary hearings, Riley said. The hearings resulted in two officers listed as AWOL have been exonerated, he said.

    The desertion hearings should be done by the end of February, and the three officers arrested for beating the teacher will be tried Jan. 11.

    Officials are also investigating a shooting five days after the hurricane in which police confronted seven people on a bridge after workers in boats reported gunshots aimed in their direction. Six people on the bridge were shot, two fatally.

    The state attorney general’s office and the police are also investigating the theft of vehicles from a dealership. Police say some were used for rescues and patrols after the department lost 300 vehicles to flooding. But one former officer faces federal charges after he was caught in Texas with one of the vehicles.
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    The Hurricane brought out the worst in a whole lotta folks, brother Monetary, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was many of these officers who started all of the rumors flying that have since been proven false...

    Another thing, I didn't read anything in there regarding the police killing of Mr. Danny Brumfield... Untill that egregious act is publicly dealt with, I have to say that Chief Riley is engaging in just another public relations campaign to cove up the crimes of a corrupt police force...

    ...and another thing... I posted an article on BlackWater, the private security force hired by New Orleans Moneyed class to protect their property in the wake of Katrina... These guys murdered people in cold blood down there, and aint nobody dealing with this - Mr. Chief Riley... What's up with that??? Too many things will be swept under the rug, all of the injustices committed against African people down there, will be swept under the rug, sad to say...

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    I wonder are the 3 white officers who attacked that 64 year old educated brutha on video the other mother (remember that ?) among those 60.

    I also wonder how many of these officer are Black and how many are white.

    It looks like some real power moves are being made in New Orleans with regards to the demographics and political changes.
    Could this be "ground zero" for the rest of the nation?