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Discussion in 'Black Education / Schools' started by Destee, Feb 5, 2007.

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    Peace and Blessings Family,

    This is a forum i've been wanting to add for some time. It seems that the minds of our children, and ultimately their children, are at stake. With such a great task before us, i thought it would be good if we could share information, tips, how-to's, tutorials, class / day schedules, resources, successes, trials and tribulations! :)

    Existing threads, that speak to this topic, will slowly be moved to this forum by Administrators.

    Looking forward to the discussions and information surrounding this topic.

    Much Love and Peace.


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    The White Racist Can't Teach and has not Tought "Us" anything that is Good for "Us"!


    We will have to come to the "Realization" that there is nothing the System of White Superimacy can or will Teach our Beautiful Black Children except how to be a good Negro or a bad Negro. If you a good might end up in the "White House" serving the Masa up Close and Personal and Only to their (White Racist) advantage "Only" you have $old your very $oul for crumb$!

    Or turn out to be a bad become a statistic and be added to the 85% Black Negro prison system "Population"...of Amerikkka.

    Why do we find our selves soo impressed with them today?

    Why do we trust them with our babies...when deep down inside...We know Better!?

    What do we think these white folks are going to teach our children that thay didn't already "INDOCTRINATE" and mis-educate "Us" in??

    Every time we willfully give our children over to them..."We" are committing Suicidal Genocide Againts our Selves. Why are we soo willing to help our Enemy (white-race) Distroy Us!??

    We must teach our own Children every thing they Need to Know but first we must know that we need to teach them after we learn something first for ourselves.

    It is past time for us (Black so-called Afrikans) to stop trusting the White Race with anything what ever...and Keep them far, far, far away from our Beautiful black Children.

    We must Re-Take back our Minds, Children, Communities, Our Lost (MAAT) culture and Spirituality and STOP Serving the White Man and Woman in Any way shape or Form...Start today...Why Not !!??