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    The Unwrapped Christmas Gift (PART ONE):
    I never really was a fan of Christmas. So, although the neighborhood of Crown Heights was covered in lights, I wasn't feeling festive at all. I wanted to be excited for the season that brought us Santa Claus, reindeer and those little candy canes that my mom loves but it's so hard when my mom divorced my dad on this very day like 5 years ago. I'm over it, you know, the whole one parent here, one parent there thing. And I'm not just saying that because I get two gifts, even though that is a good part of divorce. It's just that it's been five years, how much more time do I need.
    It was a Christmas Eve when I was home watching a marathon of Christmas theme reruns on FOX 5 when my mom came in to our small two bedroom apartment. She didn't come alone though. Behind her was a gangling boy who looked close to my age. He dressed a bit preppy and his hair was damp from the light snow outside. He was holding a book bag that looked packed to its max. He looked like an extra from "Revenge from the Nerds."
    "Hi Sasha, this is Darren." My mom introduced. He nervously walked forward and extended his hand. I looked at him like he was diseased. "He'll be staying here for a little while. His mother asked me to watch him since I was the only one she could trust, in a nutshell."
    "So, you adopted your friend's son for Christmas?" I said rudely.
    "Not adopt, look after." She answered.
    "Can you show him to your brother's old room?"
    "How does he get to sleep there? He just moved out like three weeks ago!"
    "Okay, um, everyone in this room that's a mom, raise your hand." Darren tried to hold back laughter as my mom slowly raised her right hand. My anger kept my arms folded.
    "Ok, thank you, take him to the room."
    "Whatever," I said out loud, "come on, 'Donald.' "
    "Darren." He corrected.
    My brother room smelled of lemon, lavender and antibacterial soap. My mom became obsessed with cleaning it since he left. I'm guessing she felt keeping his room neat and organized meant his own life would be neat and organized. According to his girlfriend, it wasn't working.
    "You know it's really unfair a total stranger is staying in my brother's room." I said; my arms crossed.
    "You don't remember me?" He asked, sitting on my brother's bed.
    "Am I suppose to?"
    "Well, I guess. I met you when we were five. At your 5th birthday party actually."
    "Okay, I met a lot of kids I didn't know."
    "When we played 7up, someone kissed you on your cheek while your head was down. That someone was me." He said. He almost looked like he entered a weird trance when he thought about it, as if he was obsessed with that one thought for a long time.
    "Wow, so all these years and I finally find out who the mystery kisser is, huh?"
    "Yup." He answered proudly.
    "So let me get this straight. You're the reason I hate the game 7up!" Darren looked at me stunned. I didn't care though, he was in my territory and he had to learn to suck it up. Here was a guy I hard knew sleeping in my brother's bed who was obviously in love with me. I did not want him thinking anything was possible with us.
    "You're really bitter." He unexpectedly said.
    "Thank you." My sarcasm snapped back.
    "So, do you have a boyfriend?"
    "Why?" I asked. It was nowhere close to being his business.
    "Just asking...for reference reasons."
    "Oh, well no. I'm done with guys they're good for nothin' pieces of crap and I hate them!"
    "So are you lesbian or something?" he asked, like a typical guy.
    "Why is it that you guys always think just because I say I'm done with guys that I'm gay?"
    "I don't know, I just assumed..."
    "Well don't," I interrupted, "I love guys; they just don't love me."
    "Maybe you're looking in all the wrong places." I shrugged my shoulders. "I mean, I'm sure there's a charming, funny handsome guy out there who's willing to be there for you."
    "Right...well when he shows up, let me know so I can dress for the occasion." I said then headed out the room. "Oh, and do me a favor?"
    "Anything." He answered.
    "Don't touch nothin' that ain't yours!"
    "That's everything."
    I was shocked I actually slept through the night with Darren in the next room. I guess I was pretty tired. Not to mention it was Christmas day and I always seem to wake up early. But this Christmas day was different. I woke up to the sound of video game music seeping through the walls; really loud video game music.
    "Can you turn that down?" I asked Darren when I walked through his door. "I don't expect tospend my winter vacation hearing bleep, bleep, bleep, all day long!" He grabbed the remote and turned down the TV to fifteen. "And who said it's okay to play my brothers video games?"
    "Your mom," He answered "she's nice."
    "Well, try knowing her for 16 years. It'll paint you a whole different picture." I sat on the bed next to him. "What are you playing?"
    "NBA Street." He said, his eyes glued to the TV.
    "Well, you suck at it." He paused the game.
    "Um, do you hear something?" he asked.
    "Hear what?"
    "That sounds like a challenge." He said, grabbing the other controller.
    "I don't play video games."
    "Oh, come on. One game, that's all. Then you can go and do the girly things you like to do."
    "One game?" I asked.
    "One game."
    And so we played one game. One game after another and another and another.
    "I thought you don't play video games." He asked gently holding his controller as if admitting defeat.
    "I lied!" I said lifting my hand as my player jumped in the air and dunked. "That's 7 wins to 1. You wana stop or do you wana lose some more?"
    "I'm good, thanks." He said holding out his hand and shaking his head no.
    I jumped at the ringer of the house phone. Apparently, we weren't the only ones up at ten in the morning. "I better answer that." I said, almost making me feel like I was asking permission.
    "Go ahead. It's a free country." ****, I did make it sound like I needed permission. I rolled my eyes at the thought.
    "Hello?" I answered.
    "Hello Sasha? I know I coming over but this couldn't wait."
    "Remember Jacob? You know from biology class?"
    "The one with the cute eyes?"
    "Yeah, well he seems to like you and he wants me and you to go to his New Year's party. Are you coming?"
    I glanced over at Darren who was pretending he wasn't listening. "Yeah, of course I wouldn't miss it for anything."
    "I'll see you soon, girl."
    "Okay, later." I closed my cell and glanced at Darren who was pretending he didn't see me looking. "My friend is coming over so keep the volume low." I said, heading to the door.
    "Who's Jacob?" he asked.
    "You are so nosey!"
    "It's hard not to be when your friends talks so loud."
    I sucked my teeth, "Just a guy school."
    "I thought you were done with guys."
    "I was 'til I thought about what you said. I shouldn't I just give up on guys, the right one is out there, somewhere. Right?"
    "Actually, I was referring to..."
    "I gotta go." I interrupted leaving the room. I knew what he was about to say and it was the last thing I wanted to hear.
    Stay tune next week for Part 2: The New Years Revelation
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    Hey welcome d_welch915 to short stories
    and what a story u just laid out to canvas looking to pt.2 wow
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    The conversational flow between Sasha and Darren was so smooth. Definitely held my interest, and I'd love to read more. Enjoyed!