Black People : New Gallup Poll states AA identify as LGBT

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    I know that this is a controversial topic within the African American communities, especially among those who claim to be religions.However, this is not an exclusively religious discussion nor debate.

    A new poll was recently conducted and revealed about African Americans being the highest percentage when falling into one of the categories of the LGBT communities. Based on these "so called findings" , with links provided: Here are some questions that I would like to ask and discuss with my brothas and sistahs....

    What do you think this reveals about African American communities?

    What do you think can be or should be done to educate about STI's, especially AIDS/HIV within the African American communities to lower incidence and the spread of it?

    What role do you think the church can actively take in helping to spread compassion and love instead of condemnation to those who have same sex partners, whether they are male or female?

    Finally, do you believe that since the AA communities tend to be very strong in religious concepts that AA who are under the LGBT umbrella have a place in the church?

    I would like to keep this discussion full of compassion, respect and understanding please!!! Providing an opinion is fine but please try not to be offensive in that expression.

    Out And Proud: African Americans More Likely To Identify As LGBT

    Out And Proud: African Americans More Likely To Identify As LGBT. Discuss on


    Special Report: 3.4% of U.S. Adults Identify as LGBT

    An unprecedented Gallup study involving more than 120,000 interviews finds that 3.4% of U.S. adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender; the highest incidence is among those who are nonwhite, younger, and less educated.

    Peace and love Fam!:hearts1:
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    While I do not support LGBT marriages, I cannot condemn them for what they do, that is not my duty...However, I do have friends who are black gays who attend church...heck more then I do...and are open about it. The churches treat them no different then any other church member. No person is higher or more thou, or less sinful then the next. I think it's only fair to embrace them and allow them to still be apart of the church instead of pushing them into the street.

    As far as in the schools, here in WA they have LGBT clubs in a lot of the high schools. I think it's not just important to teach about STIs, AIDS/HIV to LGBT blacks but to our straight children as well...because it's very prevalent in our black communities in general...But I think the most important thing is teaching abstinence.
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    A new poll was recently conducted:( by Gallop I have to be skeptical of white folks who do these surveys..Gallop is a responsible one.but.... Remember that homosexuality came from Greece it has always been a white people thing. Funny there is no word in the African language for is not African at all..there is a problem in Africa where people become hostile towards homosexuals and lesbians.

    As a Christian I believe that sex should be between two people male and female. I know the whole homosexual agenda...trying to get people to condone their behaviour and I will never do it. I have three sons and I would hate the idea that any of them are gay. I will not go into the area as to whether people are born so or not. I think that when one considers the sexual act between two people of the same sex something is wrong. The male and female is the perfect fit...anything else is out of place.

    There are those who would have been this way growing up.. But as a Christian and I can only speak for myself..the blood of Christ can cleanse ALL sin. The point is that the Lesbian and Gay community would want others to believe otherwise. I have compassion for them as Christ would have for them. The whole thing is obnoxious and dirty..there is no denying it. Doctors have said that the membrane of the anus is too tender for penetration...and we all know there is one purpose for that.

    The church's role is for healing and compassion...but they cannot condone behaviour that is so evil. Many try to argue that sin is sin..but that is irrevelant. Should the LGTB people continue what would happen within the next hundred will end...We all know that two men and two women cannot procreate. Here in our country it is alleged that there is a large gay population...whether this is true or not I don't know. There are those who are gay and still have feelings for women/men...(bi-sexual) I think men and women must come to grips with their sexuality and ask themselves if this what they want... I would hate to know that if I am married to a man, that I come home and find him in bed with a man..that would send me straight to the mental asylum.

    The home along with the church should be able to teach people about the dangers of these diseases. I have seen two AIDS patients both were Christians.. the disease wracked their bodies...they were both young. Until the LGBT come to see that what they are doing is wrong...they will not change. The church must speak the truth...whether it offends or not. I love all those who are gay or lesbian. One of my coworkers is lesbian, I love her but I would like her to start living differently.

    I believe that the large black population that are incarcerated in prisons could very well be the contributing factor in this high incidence of AA problem. With so many men in jail, there are whites who are in jail with them and who knows whether they are being coerced into doing it.

    The AA home must be made stronger, fathers must play their role.. Too many boys have no father figure in their lives and this can cause young men to look elsewhere for love.

    We must love all people gay and straight ...they are dangers both for gays and straight people. When a man who is married runs around, he can give his spouse disease just like a gay person. I cannot judge but I hope that people will come to see that they can change and move on with their lives.. Nothing is too hard for God.
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    All this survey says is that Black homosexual-identified people are more likely to answer personal questions over the phone.

    These polls results are based on the people that

    1) picked up the phone to answer a call that they didn't recognize on caller-id.. and
    2) answered the questions about their sexuality and income and education, etc.

    They don't list all the ones that didn't answer because they have no way of knowing anything about those people.. and they don't list the ones that refused to answer those questions. All thats left are the the personalities that would.. and if you put the Gallop poll data down and use your own data.. and think about what you know of the black cultural demographic and personality, it becomes clear that.. yeah.. black gay men and women are more likely to answer these kinds of questions.. at least the ones I know.. We can even imagine the manner in which they answered the questions.. We know our people... and we know our cultural personality. So, we don't need to look to some mechanical datacollected by parties with their own agenda to extrapolate generalities about our own people.

    The question, what does this say about black people? is not a question that black people can really afford to take seriously. The risk is to great. You look at yourself through another man's lense and you will see things the way he does.
    And the last thing we need, as a people, is to see ourselves the way the ones that have no use for us sees us.

    ..that's the short version.