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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Peace and Blessings Family,

When you add a link / URL to your post, the forum is going to try and get the image and 2 sentences of text from the article.

Here is an example ... please note ... I am only entering in the URL :

The rest is happening automatically (the text and image).

It appears that old posts have been updated as well.

Check this thread out :

Check Sister Liberty's thread above ... she added a link to a Twitter page and it appears many of the tweets were included (now that this new feature has been added).

Interestingly, it did not expand our own link above ... okay ... kewl and noted.

This also works with Facebook, Instagram, and most other sites.

With Facebook, you must do the following to get the exact post URL :
1. right click the post timestamp at the top of the post
2. select copy link address
3. then paste it into your post

Here is an example of a Facebook post :

This is something Brother jamesfrmphilly has been asking for.

Signed, sealed, and delivered Brother James ... :wink:

If you all see any problems post them to this thread.

We are learning together as always.

Much Much Love and Peace.



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