Black Spirituality Religion : New Edition of OBARIMA - Afurakani (African) Manhood

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    Mikyia mo (Greetings),

    We have released a new revised edition of:


    Afurakani Manhood

    Also, we now have the pdf version and the soft-cover version available. The pdf version is a free download from our website. Download now at:

    You can order the soft-cover version from the site as well.

    We are also fundraising in order to provide free soft-cover versions of OBARIMA to young Afurakani males. When you purchase the soft-cover version of the text and/or make akyede (donation/contribution) the funds will go towards providing free copies of OBARIMA as well as allowing us to continue conducting the OBARIMA Afurakani Manhood workshop free of charge to Afurakani young men and adults in their locales.

    Excerpt from the introduction:

    "...Obarima (aw-beh’-ree-mah) is the Twi/Akan term for man. It refers not only to a male, but also an honorable, powerful male worthy to be called man, obarima. In Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Culture, your/our Ancestrally inherited culture, manhood is not defined only by age or biology. To be obarima in the true sense is: to recognize, internalize and demonstrate through thought, intention and action a specific configuration of principal values. These principal values stream from the Divine and Ancestral Forces of manhood that define your spirit and shape your potential.

    Male-ness is defined by biology. Adulthood is defined by age. Yet, there can exist an adult male who is not yet obarima, an adult male who is not yet a man. This means that the individual has reached the age where his body is full-grown, however his character is not fully grown. This is a male who thinks and acts like a child. This is unnatural, unacceptable and self-destructive to self and community. It is very easy to identify such individuals in the Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African~Black) community---and the disorder they perpetuate.

    As an Afurakani male, when you embrace the fullness of your Ancestry, physical and spiritual, you ascend naturally in harmony with your biological development to the position of obarima. You are then and only then capable of participating in the Natural/Divine Order of which you were/are created to be a component part. You are then and only then capable of fulfilling your unique function in the world, without creating or perpetuating disorder in the process.

    Each day of the seven-day week is governed by a celestial body: solar, lunar or planetary. The seven-day week was first received and utilized by Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut thousands of years ago. The whites and their offspring learned of the division of the week into seven days based on the cycle of solar, lunar and planetary bodies after having invaded Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit civilizations. In Akan culture, the seven days are governed by Major Abosom (Deities) operating through the solar, lunar or planetary (okyin) body which governs the day. The days, their respective Abosom and celestial bodies are [Akwesida through Memeneda – sunday through saturday]....

    ....The energy of Owia, the Sun, heats up your body and effects your emotions, thought-patterns and so on. The Osrane, the Moon also called Bosom, has effects on the body, emotions and thought-patterns. The same is true of the planets Bena, Awuku, Yaw, Yaa, Aaba, Afi and Amen-Men (mars, mercury, jupiter, uranus, neptune, venus and saturn). As they orbit the Owia and position themselves on their particular day to influence the gravitational field of Asaase (Earth), they also influence the electromagnetic energy moving through your nervous system, which affects your organs, the way you feel, the way you process information and more.

    Moreover, every day of your life is governed by the Abosom, the Divine Spirit-Forces, operating through these celestial bodies that influence your spirit, your thoughts, intentions and behavior. Afurakani mmarima, Afurakani men, understand the value of these Spirit-Forces and constantly work to harmonize ourselves with Them for the cultivation of ourselves, the development and preservation of our families and our people and the eradication of disorder and its purveyors.

    The seven principal values of OBARIMA are related to these Abosom animating the solar, lunar and planetary bodies which govern the seven-day week. Thus, Afurakani mmarima, each and every day of the week, have an opportunity to focus on the principal value governing that day as it relates to our overall functioning in the world. Every day you have a constant, celestial and spiritual reminder and responsibility to manifest your nature as an Afurakani obarima.

    While the language used here is that of the Akan people, these principal values exist within all Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit ethnic groups. They are thus transferrable to and translatable into all Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit languages and cultures.
    What makes an Afurakani obarima successful at recognizing, internalizing and demonstrating these principal values through thought, intention and action is his strict adherence to Nanasom, Amammere and Amansesew:

    Nanasom:Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Ancestral Religion
    Amammere:Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Ancestral Culture
    Amansesew:Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Nationbuilding/Restoration..."

    Yeda ase (We thank you) for your support..