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    Sep 17, 2004
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    Hello all. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have erected an Atlanta based discussion forum as of Friday 9/24/04.

    The site:

    As an I.T. Consultant, that's been paid to do dozens of intranet collaboration/discussion sites, I've decided to start my own. I got tired of doing all this for them and not one for 'us'.
    While it's certainly not meant to compete against all the already established and wonderful black forum communities out there, there is plenty of room for sites that invoke cohesion, debate, sense of family, intelligent thought, and forwared vision. I am proud to have a site with these ideals in mind. Afterall, whites have literally thousands of these sites up, and we as a people, are just getting started.

    So, give us a try. YOu can reach me there as [email protected]