Black People : New App Will Let You Buy Restaurant Leftovers...Really Cheap

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    I walk into restaurants sometimes just before closing. For me most of them were buffet style chinese. Even after my purchase there is quite a lot of food remaining. To be thrown out.

    I asked years ago. If I could buy all of their left overs, and donate that food to homeless shelters. They said because of regulations. They could do that. What a waste when so many people within shelters and in general may not have had a meal all day or a few days.

    This new application will allow someone like myself to buy that food, at a discount and provide to someone I meet that is homeless on the street, a decent meal at at good price.

    I dont believe it still solves the homeless shelter issue. Because the shelter has to be onboard and participating with your intent to deliver food on a daily or scheduled bases. There are a few programs that do this. There is no need for anyone (homeless or not) to be hungry. There is really no good reason our tax dollars could not be used to provide rehabilitation, counseling, and places where people can actually get off the streets. Many on the streets are veterans too. Like a ex-con, These veterans are tossed and lost.

    Similar to a con in this manner...both are provided a meal and cot while their in.. but after your out, they are treated like a no-body and on their own after the institutions grind them.

    The argument has been and I have been told. Homeless people like being on the street. They chose that life, and other unsubstantiated / unproven statements. Made by people I have been in discussion with.

    When I face and interact with some people that are on the street and speak with these homeless people. They are articulate, coherent and if they are we converse. I ask them if it ok.
    If buy them a meal. We talk about their preference, staying on the streets or hoping someway that condition could be changed and resolved in a good manner.
    Mostly I have spoken with homeless men. I find most women are welcomed into shelters faster and more often than men. Could be they come with children in some cases.
    Speaking with these men. I ask them if they wanted something to drink, some beer or something. As long as it is reasonable... and isn't Dom Perignon.

    In 2007 one night I was heading to a vacant home I owned to spend the night instead of driving fifty miles to my other residence. I pulled into a gas station. There was a young lady... that approached me, bleeding and bruised after she had been jumped and beaten up by another girl and guy she knew.

    She asked me for help. It was about 1AM... I bought her something to eat. I offered her a ride, to a safer place. Being after midnight I asked her if it was ok if I rented her a hotel room. I did. Placed it on my card, and left her to clean herself up and get some needed sleep.
    Johnique I are friends today and keep in touch. She immediately after that night sent me a email. That was beautifully written, and sincerely show how beautiful she is as a young lady.
    I reflect a bit.. her and I discussed that night her gaining again custody of her daughter.

    I help when I can, I know I have helped at least half a dozen people decide to get off the streets and call or go home. And I have helped countless others when I can and came across them on the streets. By buying them some food, offering them a few encouraging words, some conversation, some reflection of their situation too, so they can look at where they are and possible decide to make a change.

    I truly hope this program food application works out. Too much waste is done. Even at my home with food I toss because I tend to overcook and don't in some cases eat all of it. Cooking for six or eight when there is only two is wasteful...too I often toss food after it gets frost bitten or outdated.

    This App Will Let You Buy Restaurant Leftovers for Really Cheap

    Imagine being able to gobble down food from your favorite eatery for the fraction of a price. It's not a dream; it's...

    This App Will Let You Buy Restaurant Leftovers for Really Cheap

    Imagine being able to gobble down food from your favorite eatery for the fraction of a price. It's not a dream; it's not wishful thinking. Food for All, a startup based out of Cambridge Plug, is developing an app that would reduce food waste by allowing users to buy excess food that restaurants didn’t sell at significantly discounted prices.

    Through the app, you’d be able to pay between 50 and 80 percent less money for food from nearby restaurants. The time to snag your heavily discounted meal varies, depending on the individual restaurant. However, you can expect to pick it up around the end of a meal shift or closing time.

    Food for All currently has a working prototype, which was self-funded, and it's piloting the app among more than 30 restaurants throughout Cambridge and Boston. Through a Kickstarter campaign, the venture hopes to raise $50,000 to roll out its final product next summer in both Boston and New York.