Chief Elder Osiris : Never Trust No One Includes Your Self

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    Never Trust No One Includes Your Self

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are many Axioms that Black folks quote and never before we do, do we apply the power of profound Divine reasoning, so that we can become qualified in knowing what we are quoting and labeling, are words of profound Wisdom or not.

    Such errors in life, Black people make every nano-second of the day, so you see beloved, all that sound and appear to be pretty is not worth being attracted to, because it can be used to magnify the ignorance that is in use concerning life and the things that are worthwhile to you, and will cause our lives to become full of Joy and Peace, principles all life is entitle to.

    Let us take a look at Black Folks and let us see what is not to our advantage to subscribe to such a quote as the one that is inviting us not to Trust no one.

    Tell me beloved, are we not a part and parcel member of the Universe, and is it not so that the Universe is a binary system of objects in motion, each travelling their own separate path, one trusting the other not to cross over on to the path of the other, and would such obedience be an act of Divine Trust.

    Black people are in a Mental dying situation, ill from the lost of knowledge of who we are, there are more people who despise Black people than those who respect Black People and from respect come Trust, so by and large, the world does not TRUST BLACK PEOPLE, BECAUSE IT IS THE WORLD THAT DOES NOT RESPECT BLACK PEOPLE.

    So for Black people to cling to the saying, "Trust No One", make Black people to be the most self disrespecting people in the world, and where there is no Trust to be founded and Black people more so than anybody have adopted such a spirit toward each other, and because Black people do not Trust each other, then because of such Dumb obedience, I beseech you Black People to behold the condition of Afrika and observe the mental condition of Black Afrikan People today, we being a Divided Black Afrikan Nation that is being told not to trust each other.

    Tell me, if you can not Trust your self, then what can you expect the out come to be from such self distrust, other than what we every day demonstrate the result that have come from Black Afrikans being distrustful of each other, while we level all our Trust to those people with a history of distrusting and oppressing us Black People, which mean that Black people take the don't Trust no One advice, to apply only to Black people about black people, because we sure as Hell, trust the Human Being, Lucifer our oppressors.

    To tell Black people don't trust no one, is telling Black people to remain a foolish Race of people, because such advice imply that Black people do not have the Divine Intelligence to know a liar and a deceiver when we see othem, so we just have to become self distrusting of ourselves and all else that have the appearance of our Black so call Afrikan Behind.

    If you can not, if you will not, bring your Black selves to develop Trust for one another, then go and run, run as fast as you can with shovel in hand and begin to dig your grave beloved , because you would have prove that you have not the intelligence to protect your life, because such imply that you do not know who you can trust.

    So, when your Mind has been so calibrated not to know who is the devil among you, then you have been reduced to be the lowest to what the Divine Essence has equipped you with, so that you can know the difference in that which is evil and that which is Divine.

    So you see, if we Black people can and will not come to have Trust for one another, which indicate that you do not know who among you need to be trusted, then we remain lost in the sea of vain ego, envy, and jealousy, the principles of the Trinity of Evil, those principles are what prevent Black people from Trusting each other.

    How can you make claim to be wisely intelligent when you have not the Trust for your self to know who among you that can and can not be trusted?

    Have your Black Mind been so calcified to the level you no longer has the Divine gift to recognize evil in your midst.

    Have you not been taught that the tree that bear oranges can be trusted to be an orange tree, is not the tree known by the fruit it bears, so, is not our spirit the fruit from our mind?

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, in order for Afrika to become Afrika again and Black people to become a United Nation again, then you must develop Trust for one another, which mean you must come to be able to trust your self and to know when evil is portraying its action to be that of the Greater Good.

    So, in order to be qualified to distinguish between the two, you must be functioning in your Divine Mind Thoughts, those thoughts that bind us all together, we who are Thinking Divinely travelling our own separate Mental Path heading for the Same destination, which is Afrika with the one and same Mind that tell us that Afrika is for the Afrikans and that the Black Afrikan Nation must become One United Nation once again, and the only way that is to be, is that we must learn again who we are to Trust, because such a Divine requirement must not be allowed to be erase from the Divine Mind of the Divine Black Being, now referred to, as Black so call Afrikans.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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