Black Poetry : Never Shall I Give Up My Dignity The Cancer Of Death

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    Never Shall I Give Up My Dignity The Cancer Of Death
    By Jacqueline Amos

    I shall never close my eyes to humanity,
    Neither shall I live,
    in the carcasses of stupidity,
    Give me liberty are give me death,
    I shall never walk in mans shadow,
    Are breathe the rotten smell of death,
    I shall never be stripped of manhood,
    I am a human of great wealth.

    Slave mans mentality will mean death.
    Hero nothing but a sandwich,
    If there’s no self worth.
    Legions will not hide in my corners,
    Casting out truth of today an tomorrow,
    I walk with the torch of honor,
    I bow only to God, I sing no song of hatred,
    I rise to a level of respect.

    Shackles of truth will be eliminated;
    Diversity the smell of tarnished and befouls,
    spirits that linger upon the earth.
    Oh say can you see, by the darns lynching,
    of inner self.

    The trumpets will never,
    march on my death,
    I dignity, I self respect,
    I shall never, be shackle from truth,
    of my legacy, self worth.
    Why do you cry for the cage bird,
    Who sits upon the night.

    Deny self of a mind, will never take place,
    Knowledge contagious,
    infected with truth.
    Never shall I give up my dignity.
    The cancer of death, betrayal of a lost soul,
    trying to find self,
    The cage bird sings no victim song,
    He look upon the earth,
    He knows his space of sanctuary,
    And would not be captured by the beast,

    Dignity to man, if not kept safe,
    belligerency, shackles,
    deny my self of a mind,
    Ringing the chimes of inner death,
    Give me dignity are give me death,
    hatred of a memory, conformity,
    to another mans pledge.

    Copywriter 2002 Jacqueline Amos:love: