Black People : Never forget slavery

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by BallOfConfusion, Apr 12, 2008.

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    why is it that its ok for jews to constantly remind everyone about the holocaust? they make movies about it, they make songs about the dreadful time and they get reimbersed by america who had absolutely nothing to do with the holocaust (according to them)....yet when a black person mentions slavery everyone acts like that was the stone ages and they tell us to forget about it?

    I believe the native americans were recently reimbursed for what happened to them on their own land by this countries forefathers...yet we cant even get an apology from Sonny Purdue (georgia’s governor)

    they want us to pretend like it never happened like we are inferior animals with nothing better to do than shoot each other and have babies out of wedlock....whats up with that?

    so do us all a time you go to work remind a co-worker about time your at the barbershop bring up the topic of the time your at a family reunion talk to your fam about the movie roots...

    they wont let us lets not let them forget...peace kings and queens.
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    while you are right about us never forgetting slavery,we must not use it as a crutch either as an excuse for the sad sometimes stupid thing we as blacks do to ourselves and each other.
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    build up the nation
    the dirty dirty for now
    Bro One of the reasons that this happens is because we allow them to forget and didnt demand the justice do unto us when we had the most opportunity to do so. Secondly we are so divided, semi concious, unconcious, sedated, uninvolved, apathetic or otherwise unavailable, that we cant even form solidarity and loyalty amongst one another. Those who do seem to care or atleast pretend to often suffer from a god complex or narcissism so bad that they forget that they once were ignorant too, in the dark with knowledge of who they are and what they can be. They contribute to the growing problem and instead of teaching and correcting with love they tear down, look down and set apart. Then there are the faithful, humble few who stay committed to the cause who try to save as many as they can.

    Heres an anecdote, Once when I was in undergraduate school some successful black female lawyer had come to speak during the week when we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of Brown v Board of Education. This lady had the nerve to open her mouth and say that "blacks have come so far, I was able to go to (some ivyleague school, i forget which) I was able to do well, slavery and racism is a thing of the past and you all should forget about it" Well at that precise moment the crowd turned into a proverbial lynch mob, considering the fact that she was at an HBCU, she had just signed verbal death warrant with that one statement.
    She basically had to leave as her invitation to speak was revoked the crowd wouldnt even hear anything else she had to say as we verbally ripped her a new one. I couldnt believe it and till this day I cant but there are people out there, black people who think this way. As delusional as it might be its a fact and you have those black conservatives to thank for it. That is all!