Black Poetry : never bother the scorn, father was born far away he's in the car today flow for fun hair glow in the sun he know no one can challenge this he's Ame


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May 11, 2006
never bother the scorn,
father was born
far away
he's in the car today
flow for fun
hair glow in the sun
he know no one
can challenge this
he's Americanize and fighting
braveness characterize his writing
so recognize that this is exciting
on the streets distinguish
will speak English
he seek to bring this
in BLACK HIP HOP so grab a book
have a look
his vocab shook
he see a girl flirting sex went
by and to a certain extent
that's pie her coochee so wet
oh so juicy but yet
she may have a boyfriend
probably and enjoy men
probably fool them with a toy grin
SHE SAID: “let me make this clear”
she read a lot of Shakespeare
and as JULIET she let down her hair
while ROMEO search
she never lonely or go much
to clubs a black Soul Sista
in a mini-skirt a bold twister
of thought one kiss leaves a blister
she has sweaty black thighs
boys ready to attack pies
her beauty always attract guys
now this is Black Hip HOP rise
in VIRGINIA BEACH in disguise
HE SAID: “boo my attitude strange
because I suffered a mood change”
he wear hood bandannas
and have good manners
and would bananas
be enough for lunch
throw in some Hawaiian punch
broken heated over pie
he started to try
for a date
having a car is great
so wind on his wings
and then the bling
make him a fly guy
but he try lie
to get some wet pie
untangle the mystery
and mangle with history
at least be wise
let knowledge increase in size
saw a dang beast and was surprised
“AW GIRL love them sweaty black thighs
“OK PLAYER” I'm bless with purity
my breasts progress to maturity
and with boys suggest security
oh yes its hard to duck
when your breasts being suck”
Oh she's so hot down there
ok true no doubt
and throughout
her speech she pause
and try to teach Santa Claus
this goes out for all ladies an menz
you from the hood extreme
and kisses could be seen
on the dance floor
where romance galore
but she do get a chance to ignore
some boys, she need help and busy
a boy kissed her lips she felt dizzy
her thing is wet a lot
think he wanna get on top
and try for coochee nonstop
he got charm, hugs and pride
must wait for the storm to subside
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