Black Money Business Jobs : Net Worth for Whites 6 Times Higher Than Blacks

Discussion in 'Black Money Business Jobs' started by Destee, Mar 27, 2008.

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    betwixt and between
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    Produce Justice
    Right here!
    Thank you Sister Destee for the information.

    It doesn't matter how much you try to "do the right thing", uplift your so-called community, educate your children, pay your taxes, attempt to become debt free, etc. etc. etc...if you are not attempting to replace the SYSTEM of racism (white supremacy) with a SYSTEM of justice by directly working against the white people who practice racism (white supremacy) the hole you are trying to get out of just gets deeper and deeper. You may think you're out of it only to find out later you were not out of it at all. Because the white people who practice racism (white supremacy) have more power and more resources to mess up everything you're trying to do correctly. And that's what's their job. You have to address them. There is no other way.
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    White world and Black World don't belong togather...ever*


    It is a understatement to say the least...that white folks have a much, much, much greater income, power, wealth and control of everything we can think of...including most of all...our collective so-called black African "Minds" ...first and foremost. Under these circumstances..."We" simply don't count. Like it or not...we must know ware we stand as a people oppressed in Amerikkka.

    So-called Africans in Amerikkka monetarily...can be bought sold and paid for with the wealth of just one man alone...Bill Gates. All of us put together including Opera, M. Jordon, M. Jackson, R. Simmons, B. Cosby and all the other millionirs...don't control enough wealth to compare to the "Power" and control of this one so-call white man...let alone some of the other "Elite-Ultra-Rich" white folk who has a 500+ year head start on all of us while we were slaves in this country with no control what so ever over any thing...not even our selves...let alone our children!!


    We control nothing as long as we don't control our own..."Minds"...there is no getting around this. Religion can't help, Hip Hop can't help, The Nation of Islam can't help, The Urban Liege can't help, The Prince Hall Masons can't help, The Black Colleges can't help, The N.A.A.C.P. can't help, BET can't help, The NBA, NFL, Bloods, Krips...and most of all "Jesus" can't do a thing to help us except in our crazy dreams...because "WE" have not yet come to understand that "WE" are the only ones on the entire ((((PLANET)))) that can help us.

    Only after we "Organize and Unite"!!...There is absolutely no other way for us to survive...except through "Unity"..."Organization"..."Harmony" and coming out of the "System of White Supremacy's Religions"...and recapturing our "Spirituality!!

    Hence...after all is said and done we always find our selves still in the same place and position...ware we are always looking up...while the rest of the world is always...looking down on "Us"! We must, must, must ... understand that "WE are Still Slaves" in Amerikkka under the oppression of the "Racist" System of White Supremacy and it's most powerful Tool...Religion".

    Too many of us still don't get it and foolishly continue to think that all we need is love...or the "Lord" will make a way...not knowing that "WE" are the "LORD" (once we wake up) in question or...we stay ware we are now with some White lord over us for ever...because we refuse to come out of our collective..."Ignorance" and "Sleep"!! And rise to "Take" our original...indigenous...Creator given 'Purpose' as the true "Care Takers of the Planet"...instead of waiting for a dam hand out from those who don't deserve to be waited on at all.

    We throw away "All" of our money on foolishness! More than $20-Billion dollars is spent on cosmetics alone!!! Not realizing that make up is to make up for what you don't have and we are only making up ourselves to look like some one else..."White Folks"!!

    No wonder we ain't got no Money...because we don't make the money, we don't print the money, we don't produce anything, we don't even make our own cloths, tooth past, tooth picks, tooth brush, shoe strings, combs, spoons, forks, radios, T.Vs, Cars, Trains, Planes, Bling, Buses, Boats, Books...or even planting of our own "Food" or the education of our own Children !!

    Why can't we see that we are Crazy, Sick and insane to continue to allow ourselves to be used in "War" to fight for some body else...and when we are not doing that...we are killing our selves in any of the many forms of self-destruction...and justify every thing with perverted emotional excuses to justify our present condition...when all we have to do is stand up for our own selves...Now!! Do MA`AT and live!
    .........................PEOPLE KNOW THEY SELVES...............................


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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option

    totally agreeing here