Science and Technology : NerdTV Coming September 6 on PBS

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by anAfrican, Jul 14, 2005.

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    Robert X. Cringley has been a tech columnist for a very long time. He has a column on PBS, called "I, Cringley". He will be hosting NerdTV. The idea of NerdTV is explained here.

    I ran across this info on Slashdot, a site that proclaims "news for nerds, stuff that matters" and has an "active" community. (So much so that a site getting so much traffic that it comes screaming to it's knees, or worse, based on a mention at Slashdot, is called "slashdotting".)

    This is one of the comments related to this story. It just really tickled me. "Brownie points" for those that understand ALL of what they are talking about
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    I recognize everything in that post:

    "Are you kidding? real nerds make a point of receiving NerdTV in Morse code, ("... ---..." => S.O.S.) manually, then entering the received number in a file with ed, (ed => a very basic UNIX text editor) then un-pgp (PGP => data enryption method that uses public and private encryption keys) the file with a secret 2048-bit key (key => string of bits that is used to encrypt/decrypt a larger string of bits) found on an IRC channel (Internet Relay Chat => a real-time text-based communication with many people worldwide) to which you can only be invited if you request it with a phrase found in a file distributed on BitTorrent, (BitTorrent => peer2peer software that allows users to download a file from multiple locations simultaneously) then uudecode it, (uuencode/uudecode => method of encoding binary files into ASCII text to be sent across the Internet) then view it with an ascii-art (ascii-art => using regular text to display images) FLI viewer (FLI => I remember FLI animation files from when I got my Sound Blaster Pro many years ago...)."