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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin
White supremacy and governments of the world wanted the masses of the people to imitate Mandela and king because they advocated nonviolence towards governments that were miss- treating black people. When one group has power over another group they can turn your civil/human rights off and on. If both groups have power they can’t turn it on or off without shedding blood.
However, the government never invited the two to speak to their military soldiers to embrace their philosophy. Mandela’s 27 years in prison turned him from a roaring lion into a ***** cat. A circus show for the rich corporations having a Lion jump through a circle of fire and bounce a ball off its nose. When spike lee produced the film Malcolm X in 1992 he allowed Mandela quote Malcolm X at the end. Mandela did the performance but refused to say the last sentence of Malcolm x wanted blacks worldwide to be free “By any means necessary”. When Mandela became president of South Africa he didn’t change the economic and political power structure of white supremacy. Mandela couldn’t make a major decision without first getting approval from the Oppenheimers who own much of the gold, diamond and other mining industries and stock market in South Africa. Black man you are not free if you get shot down at a mine by a black police for striking or protesting against the white owner. Black woman you are not free if you think your cute big lips, and nappy hair is ugly-White supremacy is still alive if you kill somebody about land that a white illegally stole. The ANC policy was the creation of one nation out of many tribes, the overthrow of white supremacy by any means then a democratic form of government. So what you got now is fragmentation exploited by white corporations using black politicians as puppets. Blacks live 100 years behind time in houses with no running water or electricity.
Mandela was right for divorcing Winnie Mandela. Winnie inflicted violence on black informants by putting tires around their necks and setting it ablaze. If you’re not going to kill the white man than don’t kill a blackman. You can give the informant a naked public whipping but don’t kill them. The same goes for the black street gangs in America who work for the retired KKK. Make them strip and remove all tattoos, especially the tears drops.
the colonies in the USA united to free themselves from Great Brittan. Would they have been free using the philosophies of Martin Luther King or Mandela. King became public enemy #1 for telling Uncle Sam not to be violent in Vietnam. Now that he’s dead they use his teaching to tell the masses of black people to disarm themselves when black gangs and stand your grounds laws slaughterhouse them one by one.
After slavery ended the USA had an economic policy of Reconstruction. As quiet as it is kept whites were the majority beneficiary of the Freedman’s bureau. After 10 years Reconstruction was ended by removing armed federal soldiers and by enacting black code laws that forbid blacks from owning weapons. After this the KKK was let loose to remind blacks to stay in their place of semi-slavery. The Riffle & Pistol freed the blackman then it was taken away and we went back to Slavery-under Jim Crow.
Now if we look back into history to see an analogy in the New Testament. The characters in the bible were set up as a parody and teach the people to turn away from the violent activities of the Maccabee’s and offshoots of zealots and sircari.
The blackman needs to have civil and human rights. We need to be empowered. The blackman doesn’t build tanks, fighter jets, Air craft carriers, submarines or a bullet. Black kids aren’t scared to kill or die but they are scared of Geometry, trigonometry, chemistry and Calculus. This is by design because they don’t want them to reach the capacity to make things a civilization does to protect and replicate itself. They want black kids to know just enough to serve white supremacy. They produce mixed offspring to prove the inferiority of black skin.

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