Black Poetry : Nelson Mandela Apartheid Slayer

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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Degradation of life
    Brought about by Apartheid
    Fueled the blood of this prince
    Whom some called terrorist
    But others called a hero
    For the true terrorism
    Was by the government
    Who put Apartheid in power
    And separated living beings
    From the law
    Treating them less than humans
    While government
    Profited off of the misery
    Terrorism at its best
    Imprisoning the Prince
    Who refused to be a slave of Apartheid
    When it was really out of fear
    Thinking they threw him away for life
    Yet they didn’t know
    He has a destiny to realize
    And destiny
    Can never be imrpisioned
    Or killed
    But it must be fulfilled
    On Robben Island he held on
    Because he knew it wouldn’t be long
    In Pollsmoor Prison he held on
    Because he knew it wouldn’t be long
    In Victor Verster he held on
    Because he knew it would not be long
    Apartheid thought they were rid of him
    For life
    Yet destiny sped up time
    And life became 27 years
    And when he emerged
    He was stronger
    And his passion was even greater
    And he had Apartheid in his sights
    And so
    On that fateful day in 1994
    Never saw it coming
    When out of the shadows
    The Prince arose armed with the ANC
    Forcing the government
    To dethrone Apartheid
    And the Prince
    Claimed the throne
    That was denied him
    And now he goes to rest
    His days accomplished
    Destiny fulfilled
    His memory
    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela