Black Spirituality Religion : Negative Spiritual Work

It is more from a magical and intended perspective. Basically it is working with spirits to achieve some form of destructive energy. Mostly applies to the ATRs. Like my god brother has a spirit that if my god brother writes a name of a person and places it on the spirit's house, that person will die in 21 days.

Negative work like that. Those of us who are practitioners call any interaction we have with our spirits towards a certain goal "work" or "travay" or "trabajo".

The LORD says as a challenge, Let those spirits that you seek stand up and save you from these things I will bring upon you. Isaiah 47: 13

He also says, "And the soul that goes after such...I will even come against that soul, and will cut him off from among the people."
When an attempt is made on your life, or your means of survival.

I never think of using it against my own kind but when I am or my family is attacked by others the gloves come off. As Black folks, I advocate seeking understanding and reconciliation among our people. This is not an option for others however.


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