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Apr 17, 2008
In February, on a Thursday afternoon, I was driving home from class. At about 1:30pm, I approached a red light at an intersection and waited. While waiting, I went into this spontanteous visualization about one of my best friends that lives in the NY, being in a car accident. I visualized how it happened and that would be totaled and that he would be as miserable as he made me felt in the summer of 2005.

This visualization was fueled by the negative emotions that I had that stemmed from him blocking my advancement in getting a much better paying job. He didn't provide the proper reference as he was suppose to and made me look a fool in front of my would be employer. I still hadn't gotten over how some one that's suppose to be my best friend would stab me in the back. What was even worse was that he denied that he did what he did and blamed it on miscommunication with my would have been employer. From that point on, we remained friends but I never forgot about that.

Anyways, at the end of the visualization as the light turned green and I proceeded to go, I was satisfied about the lost of his car and his sadness as a result.

Two days later, on Saturday morning, my cellphone rung, but I didn't answer because I was involved in a video game. Thirty minutes later, I checked my missed calls and it was him. I checked my messages and he left me a voicemail saying that he was in a car accident on Friday evening after leaving the tattoo parlor. Ironically, I wasn't really even surprised.

I called him to see what was up. He answered his cell phone telling me that after he left the tattoo parlor, he was heading downtown on a two-lane, one way street. He was in the right lane. As he was approaching an intersection, the light changed to yellow. The left lane was turning into left hand turn only lane. So while approaching the intersection, a driver in the next lane switched abruptly in front of him. Because of the light change, the driver now in front of him hit the brakes, and my friend hit the back of him and they ended up on top of the curb and sidewalk. As a result, three cars were involved and my friend's car has the most damage, but was not totaled. The driver that abruptly switched lanes, scratched the rim and tire of the driver in front of him. Also that same driver only had a bent fender from the impact of my friend hitting him in the back. My friend said that his own car had a severly damaged bumper, bent hood, driver side headlights were pushed out, and his driver side tire and wheel were bent, along with damage to the paint on his car. I felt a little guilty over this "interesting coincidence" but not too much. He went through a week of very weird -ish with filing a claim with the other driver's insurance company but other than that he got a check and got his car fixed.

Interestingly, about a week and a half later, I went to get in my car on a Sunday afternoon and the car's engine would not turn over while trying to crank it. Although it was an older car, it had never done that before. Long story short, I spent about $300 on labor and various parts and car would still not crank only to be told by mechanic that there is a bigger issue. I couldn't afford to fix it so I ended up selling it to a junk yard a week after that.

Do you think there is a price to pay for waging spiritual/ psychic attack? Some may believe that the universe brought negativity back to me for sending negativity out. I don't believe that's what happened. I think it's when I had started feeling guilty is when I opened myself up to subconsciously appease my conscience by self sabotage. Well, safe to say that I won't be getting revenge on people who do me wrong by psychic means until I get control of my guilty feelings.

His mom is a puertorican. He told often times, that she practice a little voodoo and worked with catholic saints and candles. She got a lady friend that does spiritual work for her sometimes.
So are you trying to say that you willed his accident to happen?? Or is it just something you invisioned? What is a negative pyshic attack anyway?

To answer your question, I believe that nothing in the universe exist without its opposite. With all the energy that we put out and use something has to come back so if you put negative out there it will come back, in some form or another. By the way, I do believe its possible to will things to happen ive done it before, but never in a negative way. Did you really wish ill on yiur friend tho or were u just thinking it without intent?
Sounds like you know

the answer to this one yourself. Only you know whether you were receiving an image, or sending one out. And if it was your intention to harm your friend, and you believe that the universe brings back to you what you send, then haven't you answered this one already? Interestingly enough, what do you think would have happened to this person for having sabotaged your employment prospect? If his intention was to harm you, don't you believe that the universe would have repayed him just as kindly?

It's hard not to want vengeance on others isn't it? Maybe you could use your visualization ability to materialize the job you want instead...

Not preaching just a suggestion :11900: Don't get mad at me now


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