Black Ancestors : Nefertum Husia Shayheh's Creed

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    I have gone be fore many paving the "way" to honor myself unto the name which vibrates clearly, who sees the name but not the person of earthly measure as the measure is only measured when the people follow unlimited so no person will ever follow any ancestor unlimited and so, the attempt of higher consciousness can only be assumed with loyalty of understanding to perform duties arose within the soul of all spirited as individuals collectively to further continue paving the "way" full-on without hesitation. The ancestor him and herself cannot pave the way completely as books, images, tapes, videos and any other media whatsoever so their ideals slowly stops and suspends in time and space as hope into the hands of the descendants to un-pause and break-fast forward with courage, stamina, selflessness, integrity and respect. The trajectory of ideas set out as a clear shot on the target of problems were hit in different areas of the "bullseye" yet millions of us still continue to pass the lesson bye to store information and not use it effectively to be loaded up then applied and keep hitting the "target(s)" until the "obstacle" is completely down or negotiated and so, in other words honoring someone you admire without putting in work is totally hypocritical plus blasphemy and a spit in the eye of greatness whom you are of came before and can no images of the past satisfy their true blessings in the future...only the real in front of us as us can by doing what you was told to do as the heartbeat and that is know thyself to be us as thyself. This is no attempt to pompous myself, no. I put my name out there in front of me to keep the vision of mastery concentrated and never falling astray or hypocrite by doing things in vain knowing i did nothing but aggravate the great nature of truth and the truth that ultimately will set each and every fearful inner person free. Nefertum Husia Shayheh has gone be fore many paving the way and will continue to pave a way until my last breath is released by any means necessary beautiful justice is the underground railroad of fierce business and economics to peace and freedom on a minor scale.

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