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May 8, 2008
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Has anyone ever had one??

I'll start .....

When i was 11 i got really bad food poisioning ... rice n chicken combo (doctor called it a double wammy lol). Anyway before i got to the hospital i kept on fainting, this happened about 4times ... the 5th time i fainted i ended having a vivid dream.

I was standing in darkness as in front of me, literally like a line had been drawn was a world that was jsut blue. There was a playground infront of me, with swings, roundabouts etc... and loads of children playing. Then they turned to face me and started calling my name to come and play witht them. But in the background i could hear my Mum frantically calling me. From her voice a part of me knew i shouldn't go and play but the playground was so inticing.

Next thing i knew i turned around to look at my Mum and found myself looking into my Mum's teary face.

To this day i've never been able to decipher what happened but i honestly think if i'd have gone to "play" i wouldn't have woken up.

Anyone else with an experience like that???
What an interesting near death experience Nubian Queen. I agree with you. If you would have went to the playground, you may have not returned.

I had one near death experience that wasn't based on a physical crisis, but a crisis was involved. It helped that I had read many books on near death, out of body, and astral travel before this experience occurred, therefore when it happened, I wasn't even afraid.


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