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    No. 89 in the books
    It's official. With a 93-62 takedown of Florida State, UConn won its 89th straight
    and set a new Division I hoops standard. Maya Moore had 41 points to lead the way.


    Maya Moore scores 41 while making history in Division 1
    The University of Connecticut's women's basketball team is on an 89-game win streak, the longest in NCAA Division I basketball history. With its 89th victory, UConn passed the 1971-74 UCLA men's program, which won 88 straight. UConn hasn't lost a game since the 2008 national semifinals and has played more than 600 games since losing back-to-back games. The Huskies are the only team in NCAA Division I women's basketball history to finish consecutive seasons as undefeated national champions.

    UConn's 89-Game Win Streak

    2008-09 Season Win
    Date Opponent Score
    1.11/16/08-Georgia Tech 82-71
    2.11/20/08-San Diego State 99-55
    3.11/22/08-Rhode Island 91-43
    4.11/25/08-at Brigham Young 96-47
    5.11/30/08-Oklahoma 106-78
    6.12/3/08-Holy Cross 96-37
    7.12/14/08-Penn State 77-63
    8.12/18/08-Washington 109-51
    9.12/19/08-at Northern Colorado 85-40
    10.12/21/08-Florida State 83-71
    11.12/28/08-at South Carolina 77-48
    12.12/31/08-Hartford 78-41
    13.1/3/09-LSU 76-63
    14.1/6/09-at South Florida 83-37
    15.1/10/09-at West Virginia 85-55
    16.1/13/09-DePaul 77-62
    17.1/17/09-Syracuse 107-53
    18.1/19/09-at North Carolina 88-58
    19.1/24/09-at Cincinnati 65-34
    20.1/26/09-Louisville 93-65
    21.1/31/09-at Georgetown 80-61
    22.2/3/09-Rutgers 75-56
    23.2/7/09-at Marquette 83-49
    24.2/11/09-at St. John's 77-64
    25.2/15/09-Pittsburgh 95-42
    26.2/18/09-at Providence 75-39
    27.2/22/09-Notre Dame 76-66
    28.2/24/09-Villanova 74-47
    29.2/28/09-Seton Hall 81-50
    30.3/2/09-at Rutgers 69-59
    31.3/8/09-South Florida 79-42
    32.3/9/09-Villanova 72-42
    33.3/10/09-Louisville 75-36
    34.3/22/09-Vermont 104-65
    35.3/24/09-Florida 87-59
    36.3/29/09-California 77-53
    37.3/31/09-Arizona State 83-64
    38.4/5/09-Stanford 83-64
    39.4/7/09-Louisville 76-54

    2009-10 Season Win
    Date Opponent Score
    40.11/14/09-Northeastern 105-35
    41.11/17/09-at No. 13 Texas 83-58
    42.11/20/09-at Holy Cross 87-34
    43.11/27/09-Hofstra 91-46
    44.11/28/09-Richmond 86-37
    45.11/29/09-Clemson 87-48
    46.12/03/09-Vermont 84-42
    47.12/10/09-Hartford 80-45
    48.12/20/09-Iona 90-35
    49.12/23/09-Stanford 80-68
    50.12/28/09-at Florida State 78-59
    51.01/02/10-at Seton Hall 91-24
    52.01/04/10-South Florida 84-42
    53.01/07/10-Cincinnati 83-51
    54.01/09/10-North Carolina 88-47
    55.01/13/10-at Marquette 68-43
    56.01/16/10-Notre Dame 70-46
    57.01/18/10-at Duke 81-48
    58.01/23/10-at Villanova 74-35
    59.01/26/10-Rutgers 73-36
    60.01/30/10-at Pittsburgh 98-56
    61.02/02/10-West Virginia 80-47
    62.02/07/10-at Louisville 84-38
    63.02/10/10-at DePaul 95-62
    64.02/13/10-St. John's 66-52
    65.02/15/10-at Oklahoma 76-60
    66.02/20/10-Providence 85-53
    67.02/24/10-at Syracuse 87-66
    68.02/27/10-Georgetown 84-62
    69.03/01/10-at Notre Dame 76-51
    70.03/07/10-Syracuse 77-41
    71.03/08/10-Notre Dame 59-44
    72.03/09/10-West Virginia 60-32
    73.03/21/10-Southern University 95-39
    74.03/23/10-Temple 90-36
    75.03/28/10-Iowa State 74-36
    76.03/30/10-Florida State 90-50
    77.04/04/10-Baylor 70-50
    78.04/06/10-Stanford 53-47

    2010-11 Season Win
    Date Opponent Score
    79.11/14/10-Holy Cross 117-37
    80.11/16/10-Baylor 65-64
    81.11/21/10-Georgia Tech 71-51
    82.11/26/-Howard 86-25
    83.11/27/10-Lehigh 81-38
    84.11/28/10-LSU 81-51
    85.12/2/10-South Florida 80-54
    86.12/5/10-Sacred Heart 86-32
    87.12/9/10-Marquette 79-47
    88.12/19/10-Ohio State 81-50
    89.12/21/10-Florida State 93-62

    The No. 1-ranked Huskies women's basketball team topped the 88-game winning streak set by John Wooden's UCLA men's team from 1971-74, beating Florida State 93-62 on Tuesday night. Playing with the relentlessness that has become its trademark -- and would have made Wooden proud -- Connecticut blew past the Seminoles (No. 20 ESPN/USA Today, No. 22 AP) as it has so many other teams in the last 2 1/2 years.

    "I don't want my team to compare themselves to anyone," UConn coach Geno Auriemma said afterward. "I'm not John Wooden and this isn't UCLA. This is Connecticut and that's good enough."

    Maya Moore had a career-high 41 points and 10 rebounds and freshman Bria Hartley added 21 points for the Huskies, who have not lost since April 6, 2008, in the NCAA tournament semifinals. Only twice during the record run has a team come within single digits of UConn -- Stanford in the NCAA championship game last season and Baylor in early November.

    When the final buzzer sounded, UConn players sprinted across the floor to shake hands with the student section as fans held up "89" signs and "89" balloons bobbed in the stands behind center court. Two other fans raised a banner that read "The Sorcerer of Storrs" -- a play on Wooden's nickname, "The Wizard of Westwood."

    Who will end this historical feat of UCONN ?????? hopefully no one for a while...