Black Sports : NCAA black players lag behind in graduation rates

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    Study: Blacks Lag in Graduation Rates

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    Despite gains, black players at the 65 schools selected for the NCAA men's basketball tournament field continue to lag behind white players in graduation rates, according to a study released late Sunday.

    The report from the University of Central Florida's Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports determined 38 schools graduated 70 percent of their white athletes, while only 21 graduated that many black players. At 25 schools, the percentage gap was 30 points or greater.

    NCAA Division I men's basketball remains the worst among all college sports for graduation rates, the report said. The study examined four classes that entered school between 1995-96 and 1998-99.

    Overall in Division I, just 58 percent of male basketball players graduate, compared with 69 percent for male student-athletes overall, according to the study. Seventy-six percent of white basketball players graduated, while just 49 percent of black players did.

    The best graduation rates were at Bucknell, Florida, Illinois, Villanova, Davidson, Pacific, Indiana, Washington, Marquette and Xavier. Florida, Illinois, Villanova and Bucknell all graduated 100 percent of their players.

    Aside from the racial disparity, study author Richard Lapchick said the trend in increased graduation rates is promising. Also, the report notes that graduation rates for black basketball players remain higher than black students in general.

    "The news overall for basketball student athletes is very positive. Graduation success rates show that we're moving forward, that the academic progress rates, even though they're new, the real indication is that schools are adding resources to help," he said.

    NCAA spokesman Erik Christianson said the organization was encouraged that black graduation rates had improved under its new academic reforms, but acknowledged the race disparity remained. He also noted that last year's championship game teams _ North Carolina and Illinois _ were among its best academic scorers.

    "We are still concerned, and we appreciate Dr. Lapchick's examination of our academic data," Christianson said. "We should continue to focus on improvement."

    Two schools selected _ Nevada and Northern Iowa _ and nine overall Division I teams did not graduate a single black player during the period studied. Three teams headed for the tournament _ Northwestern State, Alabama-Birmingham and Wichita State _ didn't graduate a single white player during the period.

    Two tournament-bound schools _ Hampton and Kent State _ are losing two scholarships for not meeting the NCAA's new Academic Progress Rate standards