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Jan 20, 2015

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Nov 17, 2006

Yes, it's the same program.
I'm sure it may have changed over the years to include new technology.

I'll share a little about the program, as it relates to schooling.

When a parent brings a student in for tutoring each and every student, regardless of grade, is given the same tests in each subject.

In each subject, wherever the student stops, determines where he will began tutoring.

I tutored math. When a 9th grade student comes to the centre he is given the same test sheet as a 5th grader or a 3rd grader. Many times the 9th grade student does not know how to add and subtract, divide or multiply, or their time tables. Yet, when they are in school they're expected to know variables and algebra.
How are these students expected to do variables and algebra when they don't know how to multiply or divide.

Parents, can make their own test for their child to see where they are in different classes. The Learning Center use to have them online. Not any more.

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