Black Poetry : NAW PLAYER your slang is deft but you could hang yourself if you try For pie and lie, for me that’s

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    No limit here and like the academic year opens schools in
    September, be smoking fools until December a cool trend
    Then go panic nothing romantic in auto mechanics it’s
    The mystery of a wrench I took history and French admit
    That’s legit, in school chicks galore the trick is to score
    Keep my grades up not afraid to duck wackiness adore
    Beauty, had to revamp my lamp getting bad light must
    Be mad tight do my homework wow my dome hurt trust
    Me need aspirin to maintain pain plastering my brain my
    Hormones kicking I’m on edge what came first the chicken
    Or the egg? My plan great like candidates so I debate issues
    But when I get cake need tissues bed combat in habitats like militias
    I prevail with true chemistry like a retail shoe industry rumors
    Abuzz about a big boom ahead get a girl soon be in bed, humor
    Do exist, my pride talks but like sidewalks my rhymes are stepped
    On and slept on folks can’t wake up and I want great luck kept
    On my rabbit foot got a rhyme habit and shook went to the Cabinet
    and took a chill pill but ducked the NYQUIL now ill writing in tablets
    See a girl wanna take her home and all but seem to be running into
    A stone wall with love words, club nerds come around steal my menu
    So in this system of teaching got wisdom and reaching chicks for
    Dates and at the bar it takes planning most time demanding a car
    See a girl’s dress and beg to lift love got me on the edge of a cliff
    Ready to fall off a girl’s hips sweaty and soft no pledge my mind drift
    “Far as shoes I got corrupt pairs upstairs with no strings because
    I go bling in wing tips and Stacy Adams, so girl I love red so pause
    Let’s hug and go to bed but first boo rub my head because I got waves
    Like the ocean and dudes crave for lotion I use to do that and prays
    To get their hair like this so an affair and a kiss would go good right
    About now so what you say boo? This is a confirm act like the “Return
    of the Mack” like MARK MORRISON I’m clever in all the clubs but
    concerned “If I ever fall in love” like SHAI make sure you my cup
    Of tea throw me a kiss in the wind with hope because I’m at the end
    Of my rope you as my girlfriend would be dope sex now and then
    My plan is to rip and strip brains with manuscript and flames amen
    Boo I have phat desires and like flat tires they roll rough but I’m bold
    Enough to know that my term paper is firm vapor up a nose its cold
    Trust my health had to adjust myself but you got pie crust left
    delicious uneaten that you gonna be feeding me so thrust stealth
    Tongue on me boo I see you can, boo I wanna buy a new house and
    Get a true spouse no time to screw around with Mickey Mouse plans
    So girl your cake is the gospel and that make it possible for a guy
    To have specific action and terrific satisfaction but must duck that
    Fatal attraction this just a fraction of the things and boo I’m stuck at
    A love junction with a plan that’s tight can’t stand the sight of failure
    It ignite paraphernalia I search strong after a church song by Mahalia
    Jackson, it clutter my wishes when I get butter kisses that include
    Tongue I be a dude sprung but not a rude one be ready for Soul Food
    And a hug is devastation its club regulation for a thug no celebration
    Girl your pie is bizarre gonna buy a car fuel injection for acceleration
    At home the holder and owner of a Ford but don’t wanna be thrown
    overboard to the sharks well known and have adored arts homegrown
    But boo I have plans for cake now in the hands of fate stands ready
    Inflate my game, cake is my aim it take brains and sweaty Intentions
    To pull this off the wool spreads are soft on your bed not to mention
    Boss hips and soft lips
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    you can only tell the ones with no shawty
    sucking on 40's
    see a vacuum and want to get naughty
    five finger bandit in the palm of the hand
    solo act i see why you think you're the man
    plenty of facebook friends but real interaction
    matter of fact you ain't getting no action
    hatin on the playa instead of the game
    your place is secure in the hall of shame.