Black Poetry : NAW PLAYER: my wet hormones grow galore then go shore like ships on trips you wanna float your boat

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    my wet hormones grow galore then go shore like ships on trips
    you wanna float your boat and put tongue down your then unzips
    and it's off to the races in my soft laces in VIRGINIA BEACH grips
    the waist of girl then taste the tongue she hurls, I'm a honey that smoke
    and tell me phat jokes get me to laugh and try hit the skins and hope
    to get some, you want cake I'm amazed and like a great sea wave this
    could be a wash out my brain get squashed no doubt your love talk is a kiss
    can't dodge the block it's like a large rock boys come with words camouflage
    and hot, next thing I know my panties hot and burning up like NICKI MANAQ
    I'm down in the DM got brown breasts boys wanna see them, in the garage
    heard the streets are like bird beaks peck you in the head and fly away but
    you try play and lie to stay with a chick may take my pie go astray quick tuck
    my love in a suitcase that's where all my cute lace at while you use sick pick up
    lines, my body all real and like a small meal it's got flavor I add the behavior
    and stay mad and major, you wanna be sliding in lace at your hiding place major
    kissing can follow, so look I go to the bar know the rules sit on a low stool at
    the main bar , my hips got class I grip a glass ready to flip some fast sips of phat
    wine, my lips very red and boys wanna carry me to bed like a secretary I spread
    paperwork but under my dress the vapor perk can' t let them boys jerk it up I said
    I'm the hot type but my fruit not ripe like green peaches I'm queen on beaches
    your plan bakes my pancakes and no handshakes will solve this it reaches
    the edge of my plate and between my legs is the cake these try teaches
    me to give it up but I say nope and my body stay dope and they become leeches
    begging to be my boyfriend, far as girl you wanna pull one because we full
    of fun and good to eat a set of panties could treat you they sweet to some are wool
    my lips soften and often plenty on my mind and many times duck the crazy drama
    don't wanna be a baby mama yet got aroma and wet, boys got my cake on edge
    but can't take the pledge and great beds lie ahead for pie with red lips my ledge
    is being walked on, this is groovy and nice but movie of my life that I must
    act out, a boy buy me a drink I try think and my pie is pink so I have to trust
    my instinct because boys are out to trap my butterflies while their raps clutter
    the skies of my brain add insult to injury my pies remain wet, close the shutter
    on my windows stutter when I talk innuendos ears get caught in men flows
    stuck in the backseat listening, kissing to whack beats that's how them Benz goes
    now we in Virginia Beach, don't snap chat but I rap phat dang where my map at?