Black People : Natural Disaster (Hurrican Katrina)

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    As a resident of northern louisiana I have seen and heard the impact of hurricane Katrina. When i worked at and unnamed casino and Hotel the matter became a little bit more personal.
    My everyday routine was answering calls for the hotel, until one day it was not just a job anymore. "Thank you for calling____Casino and hotel this is____how may i assist you."
    I thought the voice on the other end sounded tired and weary, but the best was yet to come. a young lady cried on the other end of the phone. "they told us we have to get our stuff and get out" she sniffled. "my ten realtives and i are here through fema and they told us fema isnt covered here anymore." right at that moment someone from upper management entered the office. "we are no longer taking fema these people have to understand that this is a "casino" Hotel and we do not have to store them here. If you are asked fema is not covered anymore." so just like that tossed into the streets again because some millionare is loosing money he never really had in the first place. I just shake my head, as my friend who sits behind me goes off. "So just like that we're just going to throw them out," my supervisor bluntly says "Yes its not our fault they lost is it thats what shelters are for." so i think to myself if he was in the same situation would he want someone to say that about him. He can't even handle a common cold, without being off work two weeks. As i calm the young lady down on the other end of the phone and say a little prayer for her i try my best to help her no matter what it takes.

    So many people dead and so many people lost. children who will never see thier familes again. Its touching, and it hurts to see the struggle that they are going through. There are still 6,644 people missing after katrina death toll reported to be higer than 1,306. Many people who are already here in nothern louisiana worry that there is already a job shortage, and how will the hurrican effect it. There is already limited housing and shelter, will they be kicked off lists such as section eight and government housing. I been to the shelters and it was a sad situation. hungry babies and mentally stressted out new mothers. I once visited a shelter with a friend and saw a little girl the same age as mine clinging to her moter afraid and hungry. My friend reached out for the child and without hesitation the baby went to her. and did not want to leave her side as we left. My friend grew so attached to the child she gave up some of her kids toys and also bought them some food. A small effort goes a long way. the little girls mother was so touched she moved to houston and continued to write my friend. We tried to start a small relief fund at work, but no one participated saying "they have fema you know i have kids to feed myself"
    Is it just a personal matter for those involved or should we as a people should feel the impact as well.
    You never know what lies in store for yourself, i am sure no one expected to loose everything they own in new orleans. and since it hit so close to home i have to say that i am blessed because next time a natural disaster could hit home.