Black Travel : Nationality of tourists and developments in Stratford

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    Over the decade, 1973-83, tourism (excluding that of Europe) registered an annual growth rate of 8 percent as compared to an estimated growth rate of 4.1 percent per annum, recorded in respect of world tourism. Stratford in Britain was, however, able to achieve a growth of 2.9 percent (when including nationals from Pakistan and Bangladesh) as against a nominal increase of 0.5 percent in world tourist arrivals in 1983. It was a time of a significant increase in the arrival of immigrants and tourists from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    The analysis of nation wise tourist arrivals shows that ever since the year 1974, UK has continued to occupy the first position for tourists from South East Asia and accounted for 14.6 percent of the total traffic. This was followed by the tourists from USA. However, between 1973 and 1983 while the share of tourist arrivals in UK increased from 14.5 percent to 15.5 percent, the share of the tourists from USA declined from 15 to 10.8 percent.

    Further tourists from UK to other countries increased at an annual compound growth rate of only 4 percent. Among the other high spending countries, visitors from Canada, the then USSR and the Federal Republic of Germany registered a substantial increase during the early eighties. These visitors mainly preferred better amenities and were willing to spend any amount of money to avail these world class luxuries.

    In Stratford Cheap Hotels were popular mainly with visitors and tourists from South East Asia and the developing countries of the Middle East. Also when a tourist intended to prolong his stay in UK to visit more places of tourist interest within the limited budget, the only way out was to check in to cheap hotels that offered accommodation at less than half the price charged by the major hotels. Reduced tariffs in Stratford don’t mean lack of proper amenities. The best infrastructures have been developed several decades ago and they are offered at competitive prices. It is interesting to note that even when offering such low tariffs, these hotels could stay competitive.