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    The National Black Arts Festival (NBAF) is a year-round cultural celebration. We invite you to join us and EXPERIENCE the dance, music, film theater, visual arts and literary arts of the African Diaspora.

    Only in Atlanta. Only At the National Black Arts Festival.

    2006 National Black Arts Festival Spotlight
    In Conversation: South Africa and The American South

    We speak to each other across continents, through challenges once deemed insurmountable, and despite unconscionable restrictions. Through words, music and creative movement, the stroke of a pen, the brilliance of a brush, gifted hands and discerning minds we engage in dialogue using the language of the arts to emphasize our similarities and discount our differences. In body and spirit we move with and to each other on paths both parallel and intersecting -- this exciting, inspirational and joyful journey brings us together as it brings out the best in each of us.
    National Black Arts Festival – National Black Arts Festival