Black Short Stories : Naste: In The Mind Of A Woman (Part 3)

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    da south............ATL
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] They finally caught up with me. Here I was locked up like a caged animal with other criminals who had disobeyed the law like me. The manager of the hotel had turned me in because i refused to give him a raise. Honestly, I thought he as bluffing because I still gave him a good piece of the profit already. I thought for sure he wouldn't want to miss out on that. Obviously I was wrong though and someone had offered him a better offer.

    "What's yo name?" A big dude looking stud said as she stodd over me.

    "Keesh." I said as I removed my hands from around my face and looked at her.

    "I'm Gertrude. Nice to meet you ma." She said just like a dude would.

    "Nice to meet you too." I said nonchalantly and I put my hands back over my face half trying to block any attention to me and half trying to block the pissy @ss odor which kept finding itself to my nose.

    "First time, huh?" She smiled.

    I looked up again. "Yeah, it tells that much huh?" I asked.

    "Hell yea. But I got your back though. Ain't nobody gon mess with you." She
    said. "What you in here for anyway?"

    "****, for hustlin rooms to high schoolers. I needed money cause I ain't have no job and my mama kicked my @ss out. What do you expect me to do?" I said.

    Gertrude laughed at me. "You sound just like me when I got in here. My mama kicked me out too when she found out I was gay so I had to do my own thing to get money." She said.

    "What you in here for?" I asked her.

    "Credit Card fraud. My girlfriend in here too somewhere. I ain't seen her though since I got sent in here. But i think i'm just going to take all the rap and say she didn't have anything to do with it." She said while looking down at her filty nails.

    "Your love is that deep for her huh?" I asked.

    "Yea, she got a kid to take care of. I turned her out. Its the least I can do I feel even if it is my third strike." She looked sad.

    She couldn't have been no more than twenty two. Her long wavy hair was braided into a designed to the back of her head. She had on baggy pants and a white wife beater. The muscles were very defined making her look even more like a man. If it wasn't for her big breast she could have surely passed for a man.

    "Well anyway, I'mma be over there. if anyone even touches you in the wrong way come to me." Gertrude said.

    "Thanks." I smiled.

    "You welcome."

    With my phone call I called Reesie. I had money to get out of here but I didn't want to tell her where it was because I didn't trust anyone. Since I had been on my own I had saw how foul and low down people can be. It was obvious in the real society that everyone was only out for themselves. Just as easily as you could call someone your friend they could easily become your foe. So I told her to spread the word that I would pay double the amount for the bail, which had been set at $1000, to anyone who paid my bail for me. So far no luck, I was wondering if maybe I should have said triple the amount. Maybe that would have gotten someone down here faster.

    "Keisha Brown. Brown. Anybody in here Keisha Brown?"

    I hurried over to the bar to the get the female officer's attention. "That's me. That, that's me." I stuttered.

    "You made bail. Times up." She said and opened the holding cell for me to get out.

    "Thank you." I said as I beginned to walk out.

    "Hey Keesh." Someone yelled from the back of me.

    I looked back before I walked out the cell.

    "I'mma see you when i get out, right?" It was Gertrude.

    "Yea." I said wth a slight smile.

    "I'mma hold you to that." She said.

    "Do that." I told her. I always kept my word.

    The guard walked me through the jail in hand cuffs. I passed a whole bunch of cells. Some of the people I knew. I didn't say anything though because I was just glad I was getting out of there. When I made it to the front I saw Reesie first. She was as glad to see me as I was glad to see her. I knew she would come through for me. Then I saw who made my bail. The smile went away. It was Money. Reesie was still trying to get us together. She just wouldn't stop at anything. This was no surprise to me. I betcha she didn't have my number anymore though. LOL. I changed it right when she told me she had given it to him. She didn't need it anyway seeing that she now stay a few doors down from mine.

    Reesie hugged me. "Girl how was it?" She asked while sqinting her nose up. "Ew, you stink."

    I laughed. "Wow, that's a good greeting." I said as I pushed her way and walked over to Money. "Let me guess, you made bail for me."

    He smiled. "Well I guess you can say that." He said.

    "Thank you. I'll have your money tomorrow." I said.

    He didn't say anything he just told us to come on so we could all go home. I saw that as odd seeing that I knew he liked me to the fullest. I shook it off though and I walked behind him to his brand new at the time BMW. They were just getting to the black neighborhoods at that time and Money was the first to get it. It felt different being up in something so luxrious. I felt like if I sat down too hard it was going to break something and cost nine hundred dollars or something.

    "Ya'll hungry?" He asked.

    "Naw, I'm straight." Reesie said.

    "I am." I said.

    "Good, I'll take Reesie home and then we can go to the Waffle House or something." He said while looking at me though the rear view mirror.


    To be continued....................
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    Money on something and Reesie knows it too , hope Gertrude don't
    come looking in high hope of an afair , i wonder what Money gonna try
    next after the outting for something to eat............interesting might get steamy

    pt. 2 please !!!