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Hotep naja man
The fact of the matter is mars close enough to the sun to receive the electromagnetic force to draw some. Of its elemental being to create an atmosphere. If no life was possible then why explore. The lies about the movement of the planets around its proton is the problem. Thus giving the false impression that mars is to far. They revolve around the sun in reflection to how electrons revolve around a proton. What is the elemental make up of mars. Life on mars I am not sure of. It is just funny how when pyra mids were uncovered the notion of any life was quickly dismissed by u know who.
naija-man said:

ok, to a whole lotta people, the notion of life on mars if absurd to them,
others may believe different...(Nuwabians, nibiru(sp)..ect)

anyway, what is ur take on this issue?

Some articles which investigate the possible existence of water on mars are barely touching the surface and for sure far from investigating underneath. If you take a close look at the video it seems the landrover travels over an area that looks like grassland. Many scientists have investigated the possibility of terrafarming mars. Maybe not animal life as we know it on earth but who really knows what lies beneath the surface.


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