Black Entertainment : Nas,Talib, and Bun B Concert Report

Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by Jahari Kavi, Aug 26, 2008.

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    Nas performed a majority of his classic songs (wish there had been some lost tapes on there and that he would've left out oochie wally, you owe me, nastraudamus, but he wanted to make sure to please all of his audience, so it's all good)......He did go on his "rants" a couple of times, suggesting that everyone in the crowd are "n******" and he also had some not so kind words for jesse jackson, but I just attributed it to Nas being Nas, lol...He also did a short dedication to Pimp C and went into "One Day You're Here"...Nas gets an overall 2 Thumbs Up, when it comes to performing live.....Once again Talib invited Bun B out on stage (he did it last time when he was here) and once again Bun B totally outshined him. Talib has great breath control, and overall put on a good show, but he just doesn't have those songs that make for good "concert" music. Even his diehard fans couldn't rap along with him, because dude is just a straight spitter.....below are some pics of Nas

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