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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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Caught in your melancholy
Sweet drops of hesitation
Holds me close to you
Can I drink from your cup?

Rest my head in your lap
Absorbing the scent of you
Newness draped in silk
Keeps my mind slipping

I inhale your aroma a hint
Of cinnamon wrapped in kemi
Wish I could braid your hair
as you play with my twists

I adjust so all my wieght don’t
Rest in your caramel frame
Girl you know I’m a big guy
And I wanna be light on you

There’s something about you
Keeps me wanting to come rest
So that I can feel your fingers
Dance through the lock of my mind

Can I tell you how you soothe me
Just being you as I find ways to
Let go of the day, let go of the pain,
To make room for the love of you

I wanna lift my head to tell you
How much I love you when I move
You **OUCH** pull tighter so
That I know this is your time

I show you my joy as I dance my
Finger up and down your calves
Feeling the smoothness and the
Strength of my nubian queen

You know I’m trying to behave
But when I tread to close to the
Place that only I know about you
**OUCH** let me know to stop

I submit to you and you know that’s
Hard for a brother to do but I can’t
Help it when you patiently take each
Lock and twist it with loving care

pure playa status
nothing else matters
split splatter
MO Bad
and getting badder

well excuse me shorty
while MO get naughty
start the party
and don't be tardy

lay the carpet pure mac
once you come you'll always be back
don't change the way you act
when MO put it on that

yo that's for MO

my dawg

reminds me

of the dayz back in the 70s...on Black college campuses, just about everywhere, but especially in the south....sistaz sittin on dorm steps with brothaz clinched between their knees...braidin hair...twists weren't 'in' back then...but the concept and the hair-do sessions are back again! (or did they ever end?)

This flow'd sensuous curiousity all up in it, D-Mo. Loved the way you worked the language!


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