Black Poetry : Nappy(Dr. York Is INNOCENT!!!!!!)

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    What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and your hair was nappy?
    Would you be happy?
    Or would you wonder "Why is God mad at me?"
    What would you do if you realized you didn’t need to
    Perm it, burn it
    Fry it, dye it
    Tint it, rinse it
    Or weave it, just leave it
    Would you pick it, twist it
    Nap it, headwrap it
    Or dread it?
    Or would you curse God for making you nappy headed?
    Would you spend hours beneath a chemical shower?
    Burning your hair into submission
    Wishing deep inside that you had "white people hair?"
    Oh …I didn't go there…did I dare?
    Hell yeah
    Deny it, you fry it to fit in
    To be accepted by white skin
    Oh no, I'm sorry, you do it because it's prettier, easier.
    Evidently you fried your brain
    Because that's ********
    Let's take two women: one's natural and one's permed
    The natural sister wakes up, brushes her teeth and showers
    Combs her hair and is ready in an hour
    The time is even less if she has dreads
    The permed sister wakes up
    Unrolls, combs, primps, crimps, sets and sprays
    And prays that on rainy days her hair do stays.
    Every two weeks the ritual repeats
    Spending at least three hours in the beautician's seat
    Hair relaxed, trying to pretend
    That this **** isn't burning the skin off your scalp
    Cuz its so hot
    Seems to me you could stick your head in a boiling pot
    But that's ridiculous…
    What fool would stick their head in a boiling pot knowing that would burn?
    Never mind.
    Now you tell me which is easier?
    But, you can't go natural..
    Its too ugly, its too, too, too, what's that word? BLACK!
    And we can't have that
    If I go there, massa might not want me back
    Nah let me stop
    I know its pure coincidence that after 400 years of hearing how ugly black hair is
    You resort to straightening tactics
    The fact is, straight hair looks better
    Its straight hair God Favors
    That's why he sent us a straight hair savior.
    But he was called the Lamb of God, and a lambs hair is Nappy
    Could it be?
    Nah, that's silly
    And how dare I speak Jesus' name and I'm not a Christian
    I'll leave that alone, but listen
    What if I gave you and antenna?
    That allowed you to send ya energy
    Straight to the most high and get energy back
    You'd like that
    Well, black woman, put your hand on your head
    Enough said
    Your hair, or rather your ether
    Keeps ya in tune with the universal energy
    That’s in you and in me
    And in every Nubian
    Be they African, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American
    It’s a fact that a nap is the number 9
    Do this next time you're in the sunshine
    Take off your shoes, sand in the grass and you'll find
    You can feel that power as your chakra's align
    Look at a tree
    What do you see?
    Looks like an Afro to me
    A bush, a cloud, or let's go a step beyond…
    Look at the sun
    No, I must know
    Is that a perm or a 'fro?
    Hey, yo
    I apologize I know I stepped on some toes
    But I must follow my flow wherever it goes
    And I'm not the type to tell you what you need to do
    All you need to do is be you.
    Don't change your hair cuz of what I feel
    All permed sisters ain't fake and all natural sisters ain't real
    Most of these head wrap chicks need to stop
    It's not polite to wrap an empty box
    You hair might have locked, but your brain stopped
    Thought you were deep…NOT
    The worth of a woman is not on the head, it's in it
    Use your tools for what they were intended
    And my sisters, your hair is a gift
    Wear it naturally, and you'll uplift
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    I see they was sleepin on ya!

    I came to claim
    and name
    you didn't do
    harm and you
    didn't defame
    you just gave
    it a name...
    We need
    to know so
    we can grow
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    whoa!!!! dis one had me ............i like dis here