Black People : Names ... do you like your first name? Ever thought about changing it?

This is the reality. Throughout time, a person's name was very important. It always signified the clan, tribe, nation or character of the person. The name was rhythmic, melodic and was always syllabic. Thus we could say A-men. Ba-ba, Na-na, sha-ka, Kin-ta and so forth. Never was our languages or our names INSIGNIFICANT OR DEAD IN PRONOUNCIATION OR MEANING. Never were they stiff, bland, unmelodic, UNCULTURAL OR NON-SPIRITUAL in nature until our impact with outsiders. Then we ran into the death of non-rhythm, non-melodic, non-spiritual and non cultural names such as Tom, John, Sue, Bob, Tim, and so forth.

For example: My name has a lot of history and culture behind it. There are names that no one should ever name themselves or take just because it sounds good. Go into the grave yard and read the names on the tombstones. I can tell you just by the names who is in that ground. Because many of us have been religiously and culturally imposed upon to the point of TAKING THE NAMES OF OUR OPPRESSORS, it is difficult to ever know if there is a Black man or woman buried there. This is tragic in itself, reflecting no consciousness of self, culture or of history in terms of who we are.

Everybody can talk that cute ish all they want to...what it is, is what it is. The truth of the matter is this: When that YT man died who had our people as slaves, those names were supposed to have died with him. Master been dead for maybe 150 years give or take and we still carrying his legacy around like it belongs to us. Ya might not like what I said but you darn sure can't say that it's wrong.

Then we use excuses like: Well this is the name that my mama gave me and I'm keeping it. Or we use some other excuses...but here's the real truth. If our mama's had known better, they would have did better. All of them only did what they knew at that time....that was their excuse, WHAT'S YOURS!!??? How many more years or generations are we going to keep MASTER alive with the names we give our own children or ourselves????

It seems that the folks who have money to play with are the ones who give their children the most stupid and idiotic names.:lol:
It seems that the folks who have money to play with are the ones who give their children the most stupid and idiotic names.:lol:

Probably because they aren't worried about their kids' resume making it to a hiring managers desk


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