Black People : Names ... do you like your first name? Ever thought about changing it?

I like my name, I changed it up a bit dropping "ph", replacing those two with a single"f".
Either way it means 'father of many'
Lemme tell you, I lived up to it too.

My father is my inspiration and Im a Jr.,
With that being said, I wouldn't change it, I have big shoes to fill having Mr pops as my Black Super Hero...

What's funny is that I'd rather Women call me Josef and men call me Joe.

Not sure why, maybe because when Women say it, it sounds innocent to me coming off their lips. ..

Yeah, I dig it
I'm curious now.. whats a fulvia?

Don't know exactely what it means, but it is a Latin name. Has a long history- was used in Roman republic, than Roman Empire, Fulvia was one of the wives of Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius), yada, yada, yada......but I'm pretty sure that people wouldn't think of Roman Empire and Mark Antony's wife if they would have heard of this name.....LOL.
I love my name, and no, I've never thought of changing it. To me, names hold a lot of mystery to them and great meaning, for the person holding it and those who give it, beyond what some might understand.

I take great joy when people call me by name, because no matter the situation, it just feels like they're calling out to a deeper part in me. I especially love it when the guy I love says it. It's wooooooonderful. :luv:

My friend found out how much of an obsession I have with my and other people's name and thought it funny to the point of calling my name every other minute or so. :lol:

Wow! I'm happy for you. You are truly blessed!


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