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    That which nourish u can destroy you

    By Andre Austin

    I believe in a God but I reject the counterfeit Christians of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian who had the Gospels written to secretly honor them. Titus a master forger greatest achievement-that of transforming himself into Jesus.

    I know that its hard to believe but the truth must be told and the lies exposed. Once you know the Identity of 666 and the three names of the Trinity we can deal with the Cause & Effect of the history and development of Christianity.

    Everybody has been fooled into thinking Nero was 666 of the Bible. However, the Roman historian Suetonius wrote in The Twelve Caesar’s: “It was even thought and prophesied quite openly that he (Titus) would prove to be a second Nero”. Is it a coincidence that Titus name in Greek is Teitan=666. The bible gives us a clue to look for Titus Greek name (Galatians 2:3).

    Titus went to war against the Jews from 66-73AD and the NT is a parody of this war first written by Josephus War of the Jews.

    Titus Caesar fooled the Jews/Christians into calling him “Lord” without their knowing it by simply switching his name to Jesus-the great secret of Christianity. It also reveals the keys to understanding the satiric story within the New Testament-a character may take on another name, stories that share parallels can be combined to create another story, and an unnamed character in one passage will have the same name or character or both in another parallel passage. The true identities of the characters in the New Testament and War of the Jews can be known , which is simply to combine the stories that contain parallels.

    Before I move on I must go off on a relevant tangent:

    (A). The 4 Gospels were primarily based on WOJ to honor Vespasian and Titus the father & Son
    (B). Paul’s letters and the Book of Revelations were to give honor to Domitian the last and third part of the trinity. With Revelations Domitian extended the storyline of Titus military campaign/Jesus ministry so as to make Titus the 666 beast and to make himself emerge as the Trinity 3rd Jesus or “Terrible spirit, at the conclusion.

    Suetonius reports on Domitian bedroom:
    1. A Palace Steward invited to Domitian bedroom and later crucified
    2. Recalled Domitia from divorce back to his “Divine Bed”
    3. Lightning struck his bedroom tearing down a (Messianic) tree that took root again
    4. Blood on moon from a dream in bedroom, Domitian then condemned soothsayer to death
    5. “Bed-wrestling” of pulling prostitutes hair out. He was jealous of his bald head
    6. Domitian Steward Stephanus kills him in his bedroom with dagger under his pillow.
    7. Domitian also wears a Lamb wool wig and his complexion was Red making him a false Christ and Red dragon forcing abortion on a pregnant Julia both with parallels in NT
    1st of all Domitian had a court comic/poet, Saitus, who called Domitian bald head a “Volcano’s Blast” and his bedroom a “Treacherous Bed”. Now that I’ve laid down the foundation you can understand the Identity of the individual to cast . When Revelations talked about casting the OT Phoenician Jezebel into a bed of suffering and striking her children dead (REV 2:20-24) we know it was not talking about God/Jesus or a sacrifice to Molech but Domitian’s Vestal Virgins and his former wife who left him. God doesn’t kill innocent children but Roman Emperor’s do.

    Secondly, in Paul’s writing we get an allusion to Domitian’s tells followers to “Leave Room” for god’s revenge and give kindness to enemies will result in heaping coals on his head (Roman’s 12:19-21). Part of this context deals with house serving. The next time a literal translation of being laid on burning coals is from not giving obedience to Domitian see (Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah By Joe Atwill p.351).

    Josephus writings in War Of the Jews report on several Jesus maybe up to a dozen and virtually all of them have a connection or link with Jesus in the New Testament:
    1. We have a woe saying Jesus in WOJ and NT
    2. We have a Jesus leading revolt against Titus where men are fished out of galilee
    3. Crucifixion and dinner party opposite of Jesus Dinner then Crucifixion but Lazarus NT follows same order as WOJ=real name of Christ holding armed rebellion on Rome.
    4. Competition between Jutus & Josephus working writing & discipleship (Acts 1:23-26) also see (Vita 64 & 74 mirror opposite in Mark 5:20)
    5. 3 crucified and one allowed down by Titus after Flavius Josephus Bar Mathius request it is an allusion to Joseph of Armathea (Vita Life of Josephus 75)
    I’ve read the vita or Life of Flavius Josephus where a Jesus is punished with death and Josephus discuss it latter over Supper time (Vita 35). This reminds me of Eleazar/Lazarus being killed then being made a supper (John 12).

    From the Fourth book of Maccabee’s written around 40AD we have the Greeks harassing the Jews and trying to get their old gray head leader Eleazar/Lazarus to eat the entrails and swine “Consent to eat and save yourself” and become a fool of the comedy of the Greeks.

    In just the opposite in the War of the Jews 66-73 the Jews eat half the entrails (stomach contents 1 Cor 6:12-17) of an infant Eleazar/Lazarus which becomes a justification of their destruction of their independent state but becomes their salvation of the Holy Communion by eating human flesh of a penis symbolized as manna/saving life (John 6). The end result is becoming fools for Christ still (1 Cor 4:10).

    Lazarus was also based on the Egyptian Osiris El-Ausar-us who was cut up into 14 parts. Isis restored all his body parts together except for the penis which was eaten by a Nile fish. The Eucharist dinner nothing but a victory dinner of Rome against Jews of Jerusalem. The Romans deliberately created the communion ritual as a cruel black comedy joke on the Christians.
    Hollywood and the media is aggressively trying to popularize a macabre of a religion based on real life cannibalism. Take some of these corporations like the ones that produce the Monster drink with their symbol of three dots with blood dripping down from the dots. Or take Chritos oil we buy from the super market or buy some Lard, congealed oil where we get the word Lord. Or take the Greek goddess Circe, who turns men into animals and eat them we get the word Church from. Watch some old vampire movies and you will see the same symbol with the middle dot removed. Look at Hollywood producing all these movies about vampires and Zombies. You can’t put syrup on **** and call it pancakes. You will never get me to symbolically eat human flesh and drink human blood like some vampire or something.

    We know from past history that God’s punishment for disobedience was eating the flesh of your son’s and daughters (Leviticus 26:29; Deuteronomy 28:53-56 and Ezekiel chapter 4). They turned the real messiahs into symbolic Donkeys, a mouse, a penis everything except a child of God. Rome and the Catholics from the beginning lied and fooled the masses of the people and we continue with their corrupt legacy.
    “Value not the business of names”-Josephus states. To solve some of the puzzles, the reader must simply switch the names of the characters and religions that Josephus WOJ & NT identified as parallel, so that while the stories will be the same, the names of the characters will be different.

    The real Messianic movement were the Jews who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls who didn’t talk of submission to Rome but fighting Rome.
    “The star shall come forth out of Jacob (Israel) and a scepter shall rise…they delivered to the sword when comes the Messiah of Aaron and Israel”-The Damascus Document
    “When the ranks of battle are drawn up over against the enemy…the middle gate to the space between the ranks seven priests of the sons of Aaron”-The War of the sons of light over Sons of Darkness
    Paul chose Jesus the priesthood of Melchchizedek for several reasons to go into opposite direction of militarism to pacifism, links with Molech/Molech and it fit their parody of the bread & wine comedy/cannibalism skit. First we see Melchizedek brought out Bread & Wine (Genesis 14:18) . This bread and wine ended up being child sacrifice because Melch is actually the ancient god Molech” see (Suns of God by Acharya S p.517). Paul the anti Jew confirms this in (Acts 7: 39-43 & Hebrews chapter 5). The real Jesus would have been a priest of Aaron and wouldn’t have told followers to go fishing to pay taxes to Rome or turn the other cheek.