Black Poetry : NAKED

In the Spirit of Sankofa!

Hello Clyde,
Thank you for responding, and I agree with you totally, naked is how we came, and it is how we will go. Though when I speak of naked, I'm speaking of facing a world without fear, withoutthe mask. I don't have to hide my past pains, because I'm not afraid of being judged because I am human. I share my experiences as openly and as easily as I say my name, because chances are, whether anyone shares theirs are not, they still feel and live this thing called life.I accept those who have been troubled as I would like to be accepted. So know this, if you come from crack, cocaine, sleeping under a bridge, sexing for money, or just pain. You still my brother, you still my sister, and I love you, nakedly.

Shame on you, Lataisha Nicole Bless up now, lol, of course I understood how you where speaking, for sure. Here is the bigger point, its all inclusive and cannot be separated. We wear clothes the same as we wear face masks, there is no difference, at all...Peace In my sister friend, for real



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Sis Cherryblossom,
hoping that you are at peace where ever you may be.