Black Poetry : Naked in the Night


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
A slow undress revealing sensuous regard
Feeling like I want you in so many delectable ways
Hot flashes reserved like a menopausal moment
Ignites the flames of eroticism and love in me for you

Shadowed by the darkness yet illuminated by the light
Warmest glows from a fire’s long kept secret
Cascade brilliantly on our unguarded bodies
Perpetuating a perfect night to bask in mutual awe

Soft converging of lips works its’ seductiveness
Rivers of excitement flow deeply within us causing a shiver
Our naked bodies appear cold; yet are warmed by each caress
Wrapped in ourselves to unveil our true nature

A kiss I carefully offer to place wherever your heart desires
Methodically we dance to the sound of our own silent moans
My manhood swells as does my heart with every passing second
Entranced at how sensual and beautiful your nudeness is to me

The night grows warmer with the blowing of the fire’s breath
We lay close together to explore far more than we ever dreamed
Bared minds and essences continue to stimulate us
Turning our bodies into temples in which to be worshipped

Gently I soothe the ache of your wanting to join with me
Our sensuality locked up as if in chains of heated passion
Working together in unison—our lovemaking is slow yet deliberate
The privacy of your womanhood makes me want you all the more

The windows of my soul peer into those of your world
Never have I felt such a deeper meaning of what love means
With pained but pleasurable expressions; we reach our heights
An orgasmic epilogue to our being naked in the night...
Somebody call the Fire Department -- PLEASE


Is there a medic in da house?! I think I just hit a "flatline" reading this - my auricle jumped out of my shell!!

I have just been deep fried in the slow cooker! You do it; and do it well, very very well indeed!!

This one is ExP-LOsIve -
What else is a lady left to say....
'cept -(when you coming over?)
keep smiling - you wear it well!


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