Black People : Nagging Toxic!!!!

Real talk i was with a beautiful woman who nagged and made judgement calls on my line of work at the time. Beneath the surface was a control freak which is the Worst! Sometimes they may jokingly point out a few things here and there but that leads to a total disrespect for who you are. They are attacking your essence. When this happens and harsh words begin, it's time to go bro.

I totally sabotaged the relationship just for her to get so turned off. But next time i'll handle it as soon as it happens. Let them know you don't like what they are doing. Loving me does not give you the right to insult, nag, etc. I'll put up with some nagging but if it crosses that line, i'm gonna sit her down and tell her. Sometimes when in love woman may smirk it off as in, "awwwwww i hurt your feelings baby" but they need to pay attention to this and not forget that MEN WANT RESPECT AND WOMAN WANT TO BE CHERISHED because before they know it, you're dating someone else that is more balanced. But woman are supposed to get on your nerves a little. That's what they are here for. lol

If she truly controlling, you telling her wouldnt have made a difference.
Many woman have misconceptions of what a woman is supposed to be like. Maybe too many romance novels in their brain diet. It may take a 9 year study to figure some of them out. Not worth my time.

We agree. And brothers end up doing strange things to keep peace in the house



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