Black People : NAACP Pied Piping our children to Cheney's wars???

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    The NAACP continued to challenge the war in Iraq when board chairman Julian Bond chided the Bush administration in 2004, condemning his administration's policies on education, the economy and the war in Iraq. And again in 2007 during the NAACP convention in Detroit, Michigan Bond said “Katrina served to underscore how the war in Iraq has weakened, rather than strengthened our defenses.”

    So, that is why observers are perplexed that in 2009, the NAACP would allow the military in the door.

    “For the NAACP, it should be especially obnoxious to have anything to do with the military when recruiters take advantage of the desperation of poor, young people,” Howard Zinn, an anti-war and civil rights activist and playwright said in an email to the The Final Call.

    “I think of what a violation it would be of the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., who opposed militarism with all his heart, who connected it with racism, and also today would be deeply offended if he knew the NAACP was giving any help to the military,” Zinn said.

    “We are not giving help to the military in that context, we continue to oppose the Iraq war and want it to stop, but a military is necessary to protect the country; and the NAACP wants to be at the table to insist on transparency by recruitment entities,” Mr. Shelton said.

    He said that for the past 60 years the NAACP has demanded input on what the nation's armed forces looks like in terms of equal opportunity.

    Condemning, but at the same time facilitating new recruitment into the military, makes one party to the war crimes “of a government carrying two wars of aggression on the basis of thoroughly exposed lies,” Ms. Sweet said.

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