Black Poetry : N****tivity

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    In front of commoners
    Filled with a common hatred,
    One man stood and spoke
    Of a surefire control method
    That could be applied
    In the same manner
    That it takes to plant seeds
    In fruit orchards
    To grow into powerful trees
    That breed spiritual sicknesses
    Carefully planned and plotted
    To keep the enslaved enslaved
    By their own hand.

    The purpose of his thinking
    Was to end our thinking

    Differences were to be used
    To light the fuses
    Of self-hatred,
    To keep the progress
    Of the victimized stuck
    At constant demise
    So much that our eyes
    Would never begin to see
    Who or what was the true enemy.

    The purpose of that thinking
    Was to end our thinking

    We're merely two years away
    From the realization
    Of this sick dream becoming
    300 years old.
    By definition of its age alone,
    This level of stupidity
    Should be old, feeble,
    And easy to take out.
    But is as strong as a bull
    With sharpened horns,
    And this bull has claimed
    Millions of victims
    Since its birth.

    The purpose of this thinking
    Was to end our thinking

    The young have lost
    Respect for their elders
    And the old has ceased
    Giving respect to its future
    The Young vs. The Old

    The purpose of this thinking
    Was to end our thinking

    Black women and black mem
    Have come up with millions
    Of ways to devalue, disrespect
    Castrate, villainize, and despise
    One another through
    bitterness-born standardisms,
    Causing families to helplessly
    Perpetuate dysfunction,
    Rather than realize that we
    Truly need to love one another.
    The Male vs. The Female

    The purpose of this thinking
    Was to end our thinking
    Focus on skin lighting
    Within our communities
    Causes us to lose sight
    Of the strength we have
    In our collective numbers
    Against those who would
    Systematically destroy us.
    Light Skin vs. Dark Skin

    The purpose of this thinking
    Was to end our thinking

    How well did this
    Poisonous thinking work?!

    Brotha man and sister girl
    Will speak up about our need
    To unite as a people
    To live, to love, and to heal.
    But not only will the faithful
    Followers of the
    Self-loath-ism philosophy
    Reject the messengers,
    But will do more work
    Than greedy media snakes
    To discredit these messages
    As though it is second nature.

    The purpose of this thinking
    Is to end our thinking

    Negativity and nag-ativity
    Combine in single-parent
    And dual-parent homes
    To implant "I can't"
    In the minds of our children
    As they suffer the wrath
    Of our words and our reactions
    Over their lack of achievement,
    A situation we claim to marvel at.
    Parent vs. Child

    The purpose of this thinking
    Is to end our thinking

    Two brothers meet from
    Streets two blocks away
    To play basketball,
    And over something so small
    As a disagreement
    Over who won,
    Rather than respect each other
    For the skill they both
    Display with ease,
    Use limbs to bruise,
    Invade bodies with bullets,
    And ignite rivalries
    That creep easily into
    Ignorant generations.
    Brother vs. Brother

    The purpose of this thinking
    Is to end our thinking

    A TV Interview features
    A doctor and a lawyer
    Whose views ridicule
    The struggling single
    Mothers and fathers
    Working two jobs, trying
    To take care of their kids
    When all that was needed
    Was some compassion, charity,
    And much needed guidance
    To change their circumstances.
    Rich vs. Poor

    The purpose of this thinking
    Is to end our thinking

    I ask again:
    How well did this
    Poisonous thinking work?!

    Instead of realizing that
    We were once a model
    Of communities of people
    Who cared for one another,
    We have become distrustful,
    Envious, and full of false pride,
    Taking pride in how well
    We hate ourselves and each other
    In the sight of our spiritual enemy.

    The purpose of his thinking
    Is to end our thinking

    And it seems that
    We purposed with this thinking
    To end our thinking
    But I wonder what would happen
    If by ending this kind of thinking
    We could begin new thinking
    With godly purpose
    And finally end the n****tivity
    Implanted into us?
    copyright 2011, Nyne Elementz
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    long sweet awesome scribe :toast:
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    Nice piece brother. very nice piece.