Black Entertainment : Mystic is an inspiring artist like lauren hill

Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by farrah, Nov 3, 2001.

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    Sep 29, 2001
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    It isn't lauren herself but it's her style that we all loved and miss so dearly. it doesn't look like she's coming back anytime soon, it's been like 3 years already. i loved her music though. but mystic might quench our thirst for some real good hip hop and r&b combination. Mystic sings and raps like Lauren, double talent. ANd she sings about life, people who are underappreciated and humanity in general....i can relate to being unappreciated. Her song girlfriend sistagirl is so cool i love it adn i'm so glad we got another lauren hill.

    Here's a sample from the song "girlfriend sistagirl" from Mystic featuring Bilal:

    girlfriend sistagirl/you a precious queen in a twisted world lookin for love in all the wrong places/you givin` up things that can`t be replaced/but girlfriend sistagirl/you are the mother of the world/they`ll break you down, they`ll make you cry/but you were born to sing and you were made to fly