Black Spirituality Religion : Mystery of Melanin

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    What was the result of the impact of Islam on Traditional advanced African belief systems. as it relates to ancestor veneration?
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    lol...uh, that title and that topic are 'switch and bait' all day. lol

    Impact of Islam on ATRs?

    Well muslims that originally rejected the validity of ATRs eventually established witch hunting parties in some parts of Africa that were used to torture, kill, and imprison some devotees and priests. I believe they play a big role in the belief that women's spiritual power is "evil" in nature among some continental africans. they spread fear in women and spiritual leaders and healers. of course in the less evolved they just draw attention to the possiblity that spiritual power can be used wrong so women that would otherwise not have even bothered dealing with it at all become obsessed with learning how to harm men. women that would have probably never given practicing their birthgiven power at all, begin practicing just to see what the "fuss" is all about. and they go the direciton of the propoganda and use it in "some" cases to gain ground with men.

    in general, islam's impact on the woman is much simpler. is has removed her from her rightful place as religious clergy, healer and diviner. where she belongs. she in turn has said " i am a witch eh? ok, so i will harm you.." and some become docile. not knowing that arabs and africans have not always held similiar beliefs about gender relations.

    i have met many muslims and christians that discourage ancestral veneration as demonic. which is heavy. because if a person's instinct leads them to that, they are more conscious than the average black person. their spiritual eye is open! so when you purposefully dissaude this kind of person, you are harming the more gifted amongst us.

    i believe that society in general disregards many scientific truths found within ATRs. only when their own research can prove it, do they give credit. but that business as usual. arabs and whites hold africans in contempt in many instances.