Black Poetry : My words true and like third avenue thugs they wild out


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May 11, 2006
My words true and like third avenue thugs they wild out
My style be about reality this grammar forms a circle no doubt
And storm like Urkel on route to Family Matters some crazy clout
Discovered dragons under covered wagons like pioneers during
The gold rush now it’s a bold hush as fright flight over the land alluring
Danger, hell I need Excalibur and Merlin hurling magic using
Creative vibes I’m being attacked by native tribes of tragic abusing
My folks and not amusing with quotes, became a bazaar thug
Grabbed a jar and rubbed a jeannie appeared should’ve plugged
The jar I feared pull my gun she turned it into a bundle of flowers
Thought I had dropped my glock holding a flock of roses for hours
Most I learned was discipline like a host of firms doing rubber research
Her lover’s touch was an experiment end up troubled very much


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