Black Poetry : My Words Spoke Of My Solitude

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    Presenter of Words
    Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
    They came, screeching down the blackboard of my mind,
    trying hard to unwind the coil of misunderstanding
    that for years
    dictated my fears
    cause downpour after downpour of
    wasted tears
    to my defense
    it’s been several minutes since
    my last breakdown
    but the echoing silence still resounds
    in my head
    like the screams of the unfortunate
    who have drowned in sorrow
    wallowed face first in despair
    confused over the realization
    that life ain’t no crystal stair
    because if it was
    the weight of life’s cruelty
    would cause it to shatter
    and falling 100 mental stories
    we’d forget mind over matter
    and be forced to examine
    the harsh reality
    of all things destitute
    like waking up, with fractured hope,
    my pain, a rope around joy’s feeble neck,
    and yet…
    my words, negative as they have been,
    while they spoke of my solitude,
    were still my most cherished companions
    with me until the end
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    i don't think there is anything that i've read of yours that i did not like........ i hear compasion, your thirist for life, wisdom obtained, and desire to share all these are rare and are profound in the words you chose to express you thoughts .....